Your Own Personalised Clothing Shop

Our sister website T Shirt UK is where we set up web shops for our clients so their member’s and customers can come and order their own personalised clothing. Typically, we work with clubs and societies to offer a range of clothing with their logos and taglines printed or embroidered on.

We can offer a wide range of products including T shirts, hoodies, caps, bags, mugs, caps, scarves and vests in your web shop. We will take the order and post it for you. Customers can also come and pick up their clothing directly from us.

This all means you can start your own web shop with very little investment. Recent clients include: Coventry University, Guide Running UK, British Antarctic Survey Club and Jaime’s Body Mind Yogo.

Check out the Balsall Common Festival web shop we did for example of what we can do for you.

Your Own Personalised Clothing Shop


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