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Personalised workwear for a winning appearance

Paul Hitchens, author of “Create the Perfect Brand”, recently said in an interview,

“If a potential audience knows nothing about a company then appearances will be all they have to judge the organization by.”

For small businesses in particular that statement has some massive implications. It means that you can be the best builder, carpenter, electrician or painter there is, but if you don’t look the part then you may not win the business or attract people back.

personalised workwear from Acorn Printing. Print or embroidery for a smart appearance

Looking as smart and tidy as circumstances allow is the baseline for a winning appearance. In addition you can give clients an impression of team work and a shared identity by having:

  • the same type of clothing
  • a shared style across different clothes
  • the same colour apparel

Of course the best way of creating a strong image is to ensure that the company logo is prominently displayed. You might even consider adding promotional messages to provide customers with extra information about what you do.

We have a stock of dedicated work wear and Hi-Vis clothing including: jackets, trousers, warehouse coats and overalls in a range of styles and colours. These are hardwearing items that can be customised with your logos and messages with a variety of embroidery and printing options.

To make sure that everybody in your organisation presents the right look we also stock business shirts & blouses, polo shirts, and jackets that can also be printed and embroidered.

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Acorn Printing – Check out our selection of corporate wear. Ready to personalise.

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