Winter hits early, time to wrap up

Winter hit early yesterday as heavy snow hit many parts of the country. We left the office in the dark with heavy snow fall, all rather nice if it had been 24th of December.
Today a winter chill hit both Ross and Brand as the BBC suspended them both. Time does heel I remember when Kenny Everett was fired from the Beeb and just a few years later was back as large as ever.

In the short term they will have to take the flack which they no doubt deserve. It will be interesting to see what happens further up the tree at the BBC and I wait to hear about the people who gave the broadcast their blessing. Will their heads roll ?

The beeb may have told Jonathan Ross to wrap up but the rest of us need to buy fleeces to keep warm. Yep you’ve got it Acorn can supply personalised warm winter clothing. Give us a call for a quote.

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