What We Accomplished In 2017

Acorn in 2017

Looking back at 2017 Acorn Printing has accomplished a lot during the year. From sponsoring events to supporting local charity’s its safe to say we are making a positive difference.

We invested in a new embroidery machine which means we have the ability now which helps us to tackle larger order whilst still be able to run small jobs all with detail. We also sponsored the Balsall Common Festival 2017 for the 5th year in a row and it was spectacular and a great success.

This year has felt like we’re ever-growing and expanding especially when we were asked to create garments for the Romsey firefighters which is located near Melbourne in Australia which is 10,499.09 miles from Acorns premises.

One of our proudest accomplishments through the year has been our work with Billy Whiz. We created a variety of items that were personalised with the goal of raising donations for Billy after an unfortunate accident at Donnington Park. We raised a sum of £10,000 that we are extremely proud of.

These are just a selection of moments in 2017 and we hope 2018 is just as good.

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