Taekwondo Kid takes Bronze

When I first turned on the telly this morning I thought I was watching a new sport “bouncing on the spot”. I then realised it was Taekwondo, three two minute rounds of bouncing up and down. That was until I saw what the corner judges did not, that awesome kick to the face from Stevenson. How come with me been over 10,000 miles away I could see it yet two of the judges 4 mtrs away missed it.
All was put right in the end but the upset must have effected Stevenson in the next round.

All in all not a bad Olympics for the ole Brit team. Well done to everyone out there.

Thought for the day! The Brit team can reduce their Carbon footprint by not flying our politicians back, we can leave them out there.

├é┬áNottinghill Carnival……….. coming next

regards Clive

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