The T-Shirt Lifecycle

Where are you on the T-Shirt Lifecycle?

We recently  found this great t-shirt infographic on the web and it looked too good not to share.

The image is the lifecycle of a t-shirt, starting from the excitement of that initial purchase and taking in phases like “duster” or, more encouragingly “keeper”.



Source: Image from Brett Jordan via Flickr

No doubt you are considering some of your t-shirt purchases over the years and, perhaps, wondering what happened to that special t-shirt you bought at a great concert, the designer tee you paid a fortune for, or the one that celebrated a party or special occasion.

Some of the older members of our team have treasured t-shirts (Rush concert in Brighton 1980) that they can’t bare to get rid of. This even though a combination of shrinkage and middle-aged spread means they no longer fit.

Acorn has been printing and embroidering memorable t-shirts for over 30 years. We like to think that at least a few of them are shrink-wrapped in peoples wardrobes around the country.

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