School Trip T-Shirts

The School Trip – Culture, Knowledge, Excitement. Hard Work?

It’s the time of year when planning starts for school trips.

As organisers you’ll already be booking transport, sorting out destinations and collecting money.  You may also be considering how to motivate and manage your pupils?

Acorn can provide a little help here.

School trip t-shirts personalised and printed

We offer a massive range of t-shirts to suit all ages with lots of choice in styles, colours and prices – lots of top brands too.

Just as importantly Acorn can print individuals’ names, school crests, text and images on your chosen t-shirts.

That should make it easier to spot your students when they disperse around your chosen visitor attraction and help identify anybody stepping out of line.  It also provides an opportunity to start generating some enthusiasm about the event.  How about having a competition to design a graphic for your trip?

All you need to do is build up your quote on the website.

If you need assistance simply call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email for a free quote today.


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