Prices move upwards for the first time in many years

Both Fruit of the Loom and Gildan two of the Worlds largest garment manufacturers have warned of a price increase coming soon.  The Promotional clothing industry and end users (the customer) have enjoyed market competition, which has seen a downward  trend in general prices for many years. Today the Cotton coming from some of the major cotton producers is increasing in price rapidly. The production of the garments has undergone major reviews and improvements as the world’s conscience starts to bite and at long last the working conditions are improving for the cotton and garment workers.

It had to stop sometime, when Supermarkets are selling school uniforms for £5 and jeans for £2, less than the price of a pint at the local.

Acorn will continue to promote and support manufacturers that have ethical policies that cover both the growing of the cotton and the working conditions of the people in the industry.


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