I came across a great little gadget in one of our trade mags the other day and thought I would share it with you. It’s sold as a promotional idea but it’s one that can save energy.

Put your computer on snooze with this latest promotional idea that will help save the planet – and cut energy bills by up to £50 a year.

The Eco-button is the latest creative idea from Firebrand, who seek out the best in technology led, and eco-friendly promotional concepts. Just touch the Eco-button when you go for a break, pick up the phone, or head off to a meeting, and your computer slips into an energy saving ecomode. A touch of any computer key gets you straight back to where you left off without having to re-start.

And every time the computer leaps back into life, a window pops up saying how much has been saved so far on carbon, power and money – which at around £50 per computer can bring big savings for any organisation with multiple computer users. (Typically, 50 computers can save around 6.8 tonnes of CO2 and £2000 a year in energy bills.)


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