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Embroidered polo shirt by Acorn PrintingPolo shirts featuring an embroidered company logo, school crest or club motto have become the standard “smart casual” item for young and old across the UK.

Loads of Polos
Acorn supplies businesses, colleges, schools, sports teams, clubs, you name it, with this ubiquitous item of clothing.  We stock over 60 different types of polo shirt from 10 different manufacturers in over 20 colours featuring designs for men, and a range of fashionable polo shirt styles for women.

However it’s not so much what we have in stock that’s important, it’s what we can do with polo shirts to personalise them for you that is really interesting.

Rather Clever Equipment
You see Acorn has some rather clever computer systems and some very whizzy embroidery machines.  This means that we can take an image from you feed into our computer and it will send a design directly to one or many specialist sewing machines.

Acorn Printings Polo Shirt brands
Acorn stocks these fine brands of polo shirt

The great thing is that we can turn around orders for one embroidered polo shirt or hundreds of polo shirts very quickly indeed.  Since most of our customers would like their order completed yesterday we figure that our speed of delivery is a pretty important factor in why so many people choose our service.  The fact that the design can be duplicated with complete accuracy across multiple garments is something of a bonus.

Acorn’s embroidery machines are capable of sewing on any combination (with slight variations depending on brand) of centre back, centre front, right or left breast,and right or left sleeve.  This gives you lots of flexibility to be as full on with promotional messages or as restrained with the golf club crest, as you wish.

Experience Counts
We have had nearly 30 years of experience making sure that our customers get what they want, when they want it.  If you need polo shirts that are personalised to suit the needs of your organisation then we are the people to trust.

It’s easy to either order on-line, give our very helpful sales team a call via the hotline freephone 0800 0190 552 or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk for a free quote today.

P.S.  Did you know we can also print polo shirts with pretty much any text, picture or graphic you want, as well.



Acorn Printing – We stock a great range of business shirts ready for customisation


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