Personalised School Leaver Hoodies

Special Offer on School Leaver Hoodies for 2017

Every year Acorn prints and embroiders thousands of hoodies for students leaving schools and colleges across the UK.

school leaver hoodies 2017

All that experience means we have a pretty good idea of exactly what’s required.  A great choice of hoodies from the leading brands, in loads of colour and sizes is a good start.

We also know what makes a leavers’ hoodie special in terms of commemorating a special moment in students’ lives: it’s got to look and feel just right.

That’s why we are able to make a special offer for 2017.

Select from an AWD College hoodie, Cottonridge Premium or Cottonridge Ultra Premium (your choice of sizes and colours) and personalise with a giant 2017 graphic, an embroidered school badge/crest, the student’s first name and a surname/nickname.

All for only £15 a hoodie on orders of 100 or more.

Build up your quote online. Or talk to us for more details – call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


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