Personalised I Heart Hoodies

Have a heart-to -heart with your hoodie

I heart you - personalised hoodies for romantics and football fansThe holidays and special occasions seem to bring out the romantic in you.  Or at least it prompts some people to display their affections for football teams, cats or cities.

That must be why we are always taking enquiries for personalised “I Heart” hoodies.

At Acorn Printing you can choose from a great range of top brand hoodies (and t-shirts and polos if you prefer) and then we will print or embroider your “I Heart” design and slogan.  From “I Heart Bedworth” (not too much demand for that one) to “I Heart Mum”, you can declare your intent in words and pictures.

If you need any help deciding which garments to choose or how to make your “I Heart” message stand out, then contact us today on freephone 0800 0190552 or email


Acorn Printing – Earth Positive organic cotton hoodies now available.

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