Personalised Graduation Hoodies

You want more than just the name of your alma mater on that hoodie? Let Acorn oblige.

Personalised graduation hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts

We know that your uni shop sells very nice hoodies and sweatshirts with the university crest prominently displayed.

But you want something more when you graduate don’t you?

How about names (real or otherwise), places (allowed and out of bounds), events (to be celebrated or swept under the carpet) and much more?

So let Acorn help out with your graduation requirements.  We have an excellent range of hoodies, sweats and tees from the leading brands.  We can also work our special magic to print or embroider pretty much anything you choose onto the garments you like.

Text, numbers, pictures, graphics, crests and logos are all within our capability. And we offer student discounts and free artwork.

Check out the website to build up your quote. If you need any help choosing hoodies or deciding how to get your message across then call Acorn today on freephone 0800 0190 552.


Acorn Printing – AWD Electric Hoodies. The brightest colour choices available

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