750 MC RGB – First update of 2014

Racing Post.  First report of the season.

750-motor-club-logoLast weekend saw the Acorn Millennium Security Spire GTR in its second outing in the 750 MC RGB Championship 2014 season.  

The car is driven by our very own Duncan Horlor and is proving to be a great opportunity to promote our ability to print vehicle graphics, personalise garments and customised race awnings and flags.

We have some lovely photos from the race and Duncan’s race reports, which give you a real sense of how exciting this racing series is.

Race 1

imageWell that was a great days racing. I had a great start to race 1 and got up to 4th and up the side of third place before the gap became too small and we made contact going into the first corner. They span and I took avoiding action, loosing 3 places in the process. At the next corner, I was tapped from behind and caught the slide, but still got good drive out of the corner and on to the back straight. I settled down and concentrated on catching 6th place, who after a few laps I managed to overtake.

5th place was David another Spire GT3 the same as mine, so very similar in performance, but there was a couple of places where I knew I was quicker. He drove a great defensive race for about 8 laps, but with 2 laps to go he made a mistake coming on to the back straight and I managed to pass him before entering Brooklands. Behind David was Alastair who had made great progress, since spinning on lap one, when tapping me. I knew that Al was a fair bit quicker than me, so I just made sure I got a good exit on to the straights and defended the corners. On the last lap with both of them right behind me, I really slowed them down on the entry into luffield, which gave me the chance to get on the power early and cross the line 0.2 seconds ahead of Al and David. 5th place was my best finish so far.

Race 2

image3For race 2, I was again starting 5th but didn’t get such a great start. It was still good enough to hold 5th around the first half of the lap. At the end of the back straight Matt and JC in their GT3’s were trying to give each other enough room, so they could pull away from the pack in doing so JC went onto the marbles (loose bits of rubber) at the outside of the corner and span. As we were all so close, this promoted me to 4th place.

The top 4 then pulled away and after 6 laps or so I had pulled a gap most of the back straight away from 5th and the rest of the pack. I then started to lose pace, the times got slightly better as the fuel level dropped, but not as much as then should have done. The gap back to 5th was closing fast and it was only a matter of time before they caught me, which happened with about 5 laps to go. Again defensive driving where I was slow was needed, but I could still pull a gap out of luffield, down the straight and around copse. Again it came to the last lap with Tony and David both really putting the pressure on, I did the same as race 1, slowing them down into luffield and got a great exit to take the chequered flag ahead of them for 4th place.

So happy to have been up towards the front in the second outing in the new car and to have had my family their to watch what were two great races. That podium is getting closer 🙂


We’ll be providing more race reports as the season progresses.  If you need any racing-related promotional items printed and embroidered for your team then check out the Acorn website and build your own on-line quote today.  Or if you need any assistance call us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk.


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