More medals for the Brits

I for one, understand why we are doing so well. Third place with 16 Golds and if you took Phelps out of the American equation we would be pushing for second. It is noticeable that it is the traditional sports that we excel in, ones where we have history take sailing, I mean look at Drake, Cook and Nelson they all got Golds. Wasn’t it Richard the third who wanted his Kingdom for a horse and where did the saying “on yer bike” come from, yes of course it’s an ole English proverb.

Things we’ve always been good at. Can’t understand why we didn’t do better in archery, Christ we had enough practice over several hundred years, certainly stuffed the French a few times

anyway keep cheering for Harry and England (not sure what event he’s in)

Will keep you up to date,  Clive

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