Make Sure your Business is PPE Compliant

High Vis Clothing

High Visibility (Hi-Vis) is a crucial part of many employee’s workwear or uniform and an important part of meeting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements. Hi-Vis is worn in the circumstances whereby safety and visibility is an important element for the worker or for the public. It can often be important to have the company name or logo on the hi-vis item itself as it makes it easier for the public to recognise the members of staff. There are many benefits to printing on you:

  • Staff members are recognisable
  • It creates a form of unity within the team
  • Tidy and smart appearance

Here at Acorn printing we offer a huge range of different hi-vis clothing for you to print on such as: jackets, trousers, warehouse coats and overalls. Personalise your hi-vis gear with any logo, text or even image.

Have a look at all the options for Hi-Vis clothing available for you today.

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