Kustom Kit super wash

Today’s trend is for lower temps when washing. The new generation of materials  are being designed for a lower temperature in the washing machine. 30 degrees for Cotton is now quite common and we even see washing powders being developed for cool or cold wash. This will all go to help the planet on the Eco front as well as prolong the life of the garments that are sometimes washed to hot.

In the working environment there are times that a high wash temperature is required to remove stains and that is where the Kustom Kit KK400 and KK403 come in. They are both designed for a wash of 60 degrees so are ideal for a working area that is likely to stain ones clothing.

Acorn supply and embroidery the Kustom Kit range. Contact Acorn Printing today for a quotation for the high wash Kustom Kit Polo.

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