January T-Shirt and Hoodie News Round Up

Strange things the world has been saying about our favourite garments.


T-shirt and hoodie news from Acorn PrintingT-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and polo shirts look great.  But sometimes they make the headlines for the strangest of reasons. Here’s just a few of the stranger stories we found about these everyday items in January.


Passengers panic over ‘Princess Bride’ T-Shirt

Apparently passengers on a Qantas flight to New Zealand were concerned by a fellow flyer’s t-shirt bearing a catch phrase from the film “The Princess Bride”.  Film buffs may be familiar with the lines ” Hello my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my Father. Prepare to die.” but passengers were intimidated enough to get flight attendants to ask him to cover up.  Story – examiner.com

P.S We could print you up something with this slogan but the next person who flies with it on might get a bit more than a reprimand from a stewardess!


Tunnock’s Tees

If you are over 40 or just like biscuits a lot then you might have actually seen Tunnock’s caramel wafer biscuits or teacakes hiding on the lower shelf of your favourite supermarket’s confectionery section.  Apparently though, and this may just be some very clever PR, Tunnock’s has a global cult status. In order to cash in on this celebrity the company has has launched a range of tees, hoodies and beanies.

Acorn salutes Tunnock’s for its advance into the 20th Century but we definitely think that baking is your forte. Story – The Daily Record


Stealth Hoodies – Evade the Drones

An artist plus fashion designer team from New York has come up with a range of anti-surveillance “Stealth Wear” hoodies, burquas and t-shirts to help people evade detection or at least confuse those who are spying on them.  Acorn would like to sell you items from our own stock of stealthy garments…but they are so good we can’t find them.  Story – The Daily Mail (sorry)


Hermes’ T-Shirts

Paris Fashion Week saw the launch of “richly dyed Crocodile and Suede T-Shirts” by Hermes’.  We can’t find a price for these particular items anywhere but we can report that a v-neck linen t-shirt would be a mouth watering £335. Story – Live Trading News


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