Jaguar Track Day

Racing XKRThe racing spirit of Jaguar the invitation called it. A free day out at the invitation of Jaguar, now that’s what I call a perk. Oulton park race track was the venue and several gleaming jaguars lined up for the guests to drive including the new XKR.

Yes they did let us out on the track behind the wheel and what a great day it has been. With a racing driver next to you feeding instructions as to when to brake, accelerate etc  it was a truly fantastic experience.

Acorn supply several Jaguar dealerships with staff workwear and business wear for the sales team, so hence the day out. Am I going to buy one ? mmm…….. Maybe one day and in the the mean time I can dream on.

New instructions for the sales team lets find some Lamborghini and Ferrari dealerships to supply !

still coming down to earth




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