Hoodies remain strong for 2009

Love or hate them there here to stay. First we had jeans then t shirts now hoodies have joined the band. Once the domain of the cool youngster the hoodie despite all the bad press they have survived and continue you to grow with many manufacturers now bringing out many new styles. The full zipped hoodie is catching on although it may be the blue rinse and OAPs can’t get their arms high enough to get a standard hoodie on. On the other hand it just maybe for sport, they may be quicker and easier to get on and off at the track.

Clive Horlor, Acorn’s MD confirmed that 2008 had been a very busy year for the hoodie and with the fantastic range of colour s and styles available believes the autumn will see an even bigger growth in the humble hoodie.

Acorn are able to embroider and print your hoodie requirement. Contact Peter in sales for a quote.

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