Freshers Discount T-Shirts

Let’s get the party started!

Discount freshers t-shirts printed Yes we know that the Graduation Ceremonies have barely finished.

But we know that student executives are already coming up with ideas to make this year’s Freshers’ activities even better than before.

There are two questions that Acorn Printing can help you execs to answer.

One. How are we going to promote our party or social?

Two. How can we make it as memorable (legally) as possible?


Discounted personalised Freshers’ T-Shirts (or hoodies, polo shirts, vests, onesies etc. etc.)

Acorn has a massive choice of garments and promotional items from all of the leading brands.

Think AWD, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and Uneek amongst many others.  There are masses of styles, colours and sizes available for both men and women.

We also have facilities to print or embroider your garment choice in large or small quantities.  You can add your custom messages or images to highlight an event or personalise each item with someone’s name.

It’s your choice.

We offer fantastic discounts for student execs and great customer service too.

Build your online quote on the website and if you need any help or advice simply call Free Phone 0800 0190552 or email today.


Acorn Printing – Take a look at the Fruit Of The Loom Fitted Valueweight Tee



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