Fairtrade Towns in UK

Great to hear that there will be another Fairtrade Town in the UK next year. Plans are afoot to make Cumbernauld a Fairtrade town alongside Motherwell up in North Lanarkshire.

There are many Fairtrade towns around the UK and it began back in 2000 with Garstang in Lancashire when it stated they were ‘the Worlds first Fairtrade Town’. There are over 500 Fairtrade Towns with more to come as more towns are planning to apply.

So what is a Fairtrade town? A Fairtrade Town is any area such as a town, city, village, county, zone, island or borough that is committed to supporting Fairtrade and making sure that products with the FAIRTRADE Mark are used (from Fairtrade Foundation). Anywhere can achieve a Fairtrade status and everyone should be involved.

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