Fair Trade & Fair wear

It’s that lady Flo who is behind it. In the UK we are well accustomed to the Fair Trade logo is has almost become a brand in it’s own right. Fair Wear is known in Europe however both are registered with FLO.

“Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International”  to give her the full title, is the organisation to which the labeling organizations are licened. FLO also facilitates business between fair trade producers and traders.

In addition, FLO helps determine the price of goods sold under its certification. It does so by setting a baseline price that is allied to the estimated values of a sustainable living wage in the source country. It also takes into account the social and economic development needs of cotton farmers. If the baseline price is lower than the world market price, FLO adds a premium and extra funds are dedicated to social and economic development.

For more information visit the website    http://www.fairtrade.net/

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