Epona increase their product range

As Fairtrade and organic becomes more mainstream, it is vital to keep in line with new trends. Epona has just launched a fashion-led purple hoody for men and women and it has updated its product range to include a new cut women’s t-shirt. 

There have also been developments in fabric production, Epona has now produce polos made from pique fabric, woven garments and was the first company to develop a 100% cotton marl made from Fairtrade cotton. It now has the option to mix the fabrics, for example adding a 5% elastane in the rib to increase durability and improve fit.

Look out for the new garments as they come on line. Acorn supply all the Epona products and can personalise them to your needs.  http://www.acorn-printing.co.uk/menu.php?category=M

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