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They really do make straw houses…but they won’t blow down in a hurry

Huff and Puff Construction straw bale building

The Acorn office were chuffed to receive an order recently from a company with one of the best business names we have seen for a while.

Huff and Puff Construction, based in Dorset, specialises in building with straw bales. Unlike the loose straw of the “three little pigs”, straw bales are, apparently, an excellent material for building houses, extensions and a whole range of outbuildings.  They provide fantastic insulation, are environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used in building projects.

Company promotional t-shirt for a country fairPhil Christopher, from Huff and Puff Construction, initially got in contact with us to get some promotional t-shirts printed for a country fair he was attending. The Stock Gaylard Oak Fair 2013 held near Kings Stag in Dorset was an ideal opportunity to show off the company’s techniques.

Phil and his wife Michelle, plus the support of some friends and family constructed a load bearing straw bale wall supporting a flat roof. Apparently it drew in an enthusiastic audience who were very impressed with what they saw.

With Acorn’s fair trade and organic credentials it was a great opportunity to support such an environmentally friendly project.  It also gives the opportunity to show off part of our production process.

Customer proof images to show our customer serviceLots of people call us (on freephone 0800 0190 552) because they are a bit concerned about placing an order when they don’t know what it will look like on a finished garment. With Acorn you always get an outline artwork proof to approve before any printing or embroidery goes ahead.  It gives you peace of mind that the correct logos or lettering are being used.

If you need any help getting promotional t-shirts, hoodies, polo or work shirts made for your business then call our helpful sales team on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email, today.


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