Supporting Anesis Homeless Ministry

Helping the homeless in Coventry.

Acorn donated a stock of old stock to the Coventry based homeless charityAnesis Homeless Ministry is a Coventry-based charity that provides support to vulnerable, homeless, drug addicted, alcoholic men and women.  We were very taken by their stated belief that everyone has a purpose, a destiny, a reason to belong, and their mission to help people rediscover their worth.

After a recent stock take we discovered that we had rather a lot of end of lines and single items.  After a call to Anesis we found that  the garments we had available would be just right both to help their clients through the winter and be useful for their partner charities in Africa.

Kervin Julien, Anesis Homeless Ministries Director, wrote to us as follows:

“I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the Anesis volunteers, to thank all the staff and colleagues of Acorn Printing for kindly choosing Anesis for their donations. The clothes were warmly received and well appreciated by the desperate and vulnerable individuals that Anesis support.  We were able to distribute them to those most in need, and it had an immediate impact on their circumstance.”  

It’s just good to be able to help.


You can contact us via our hotline freephone 0800 0190 552 or email



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