Personalised Hoodies for School trips

Children playing in hoodiesDo you have a school trip scheduled this year for your students? We understand how important it is to keep track of your students while you’re visiting different locations.

So if you are visiting a crowded museum or walking through a city centre, it would be helpful if they stood out just a little from everybody else. A personalised T-shirt or hoody is perfect for you to use on your school trips.

We can solve that problem by custom printing or embroidering the name of everybody in your party along with your school’s name on the hoodie, t-shirt or polo shirt of your choice.
It can go on the back or the front, and you can decide how big the writing is.

Of course, for those older or more sensible students than the effect that you are going for maybe slightly different. Our facilities deal with pretty much any photo or graphic or text you can imagine. So you can stand out from the crowd for entirely different reasons.

We have a fantastic range of garments for the world’s leading brands for you to select from.
And remember schools and colleges will benefit from free artwork and set-up on all orders.

If you need help, assistance or advice on choosing and personalising t-shirts, hoodies and polo shirts call our hotline freephone 0800 0190 552 or email for a free quote today.

Acorn Printing – Have you seen our range of Kids’ Hoodies? All ready to personalise.

School Logo Printing – Emblem Embroidery For School Uniforms

Blackboard featuring ABC, Chalk and BooksGet the Best Value from Our School Logo Printing Services

Stock up on embroidered and printed schoolwear this autumn, in preparation for the year ahead. We stock tonnes of customisable schoolwear items in various colours, fits, and sizes.

By ordering your embroidered school sweatshirts, polo shirts, cardigans, and fleeces through us, you can save thousands of pounds. With our bulk order bundles, the price per item drops significantly, saving your school money.

Why Is It Important For Schools to Make Uniforms Mandatory?

This topic is commonly debated, particularly due to the price of school uniform. Luckily, our low prices make school uniforms much more affordable. But aside from that, why are school uniforms a good idea?

Firstly, when all children wear a uniform, clothing-related peer pressure and bullying are eliminated. All of the children appear to be the same and to attend the school for the sole purpose of learning. Socio-economic differences between student families become discrete and this helps everyone focus on the school’s priorities.

Secondly, wearing the same uniform gives the student group a sense of unity. The class is joined by one single commonality – what they are wearing. Strengthening a student group in this way aids the development of key skills – such as teamwork and socialisation.

A young child completing a school workbook at a desk

Finally, making a school uniform mandatory can improve the levels of discipline that are present in the classroom. By the children adhering to the uniform code, they are already meeting the school’s rules and expectations before they arrive. This ensures that students arrive in a positive mindset for learning each day, from the very beginning.

How Do Acorn Printing Personalise Schoolwear?

Once you have chosen the desired color and fit of the items, we can inform you of the locations and type of personalisation that we offer. Most often, we will either print or embroider your school emblem on to your garments – depending on the material and your preferences.

Our helpful experts are on hand to give you one-to-one advice about schoolwear personalisation. To get an expert opinion, call 0800 0190 552 now.


Back to School

back to school

These summer holidays have been wonderful. As we’ve enjoyed the long hot nights, music festivals and BBQ’s outside it’s hard not to see the time flying by and soon it will be time to start getting the kids ready for ‘back to school’.

The back to school process can often be a tough one but here at Acorn Printing, we believe we can supply you with many of our back to school supplies. We can personalise your selection as well to help you avoid those “Have you checked the lost and found?” conversations.

We offer a wide range of back to school items from shirts and cardigans to bags and aprons which can be personalised for you in a variety of ways.

Our in-house design team is happy to help you with the personalisation of back to school gear. Our extremely friendly team are there to help at any point and can offer ideas for your personalisation.

If you would like to contact us at any point please call our freephone number 0800 0190 522 or email our team at

We can also be found on Facebook too! Feel free to leave us a message on there and we will try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

We hope to speak to you soon.

Summer School T-Shirts Printed

Personalised T-Shirts for Your School

Keep your students smart, safe and together 

Whether you are just keeping the local kids happy during the Summer holidays, welcoming some overseas students to the UK to learn English or taking a school, church, scout or guide group out, a set of customised and personalised t-shirts would look great.

summer school t-shirts printed by Acorn Printing

Acorn offers a superb selection of great value t-shirts for kids, teenagers and adults to suit every size and style requirement.  We can also help you create messages and images that are tailored exactly for your needs.

Each student can have their name or other details printed or embroidered on the t-shirt which could be a great help if you are managing a large group.

We have been trusted by many different Summer Schools to provide garments over the years and we offer free artwork, free set-up and lots of help making sure you get what you need.

You can choose your t-shirts and order on-line or call our sales team today on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – School bag printing a speciality



Feeling Grad All Over

Graduation Day is Getting Close

Celebrate in style with custom printed hoodies

Are you organising hoodie printing for your class or just a group of friends?

Custom printed graduation hoodies available from Acorn Printing

Acorn Printing are trusted by Student Unions, Universities, Colleges and Schools up and down the country to custom print hoodies, t-shirts and polo shirts.  Acorn can cope with pretty much any request;

  • Large or small order quantities.
  • Weird and wonderful designs.
  • Outrageous messages.
  • Names, nicknames and nom de plumes.

We stock brands like AWD, Gildan and Fruit of the Loom so you can be certain to get quality garments, and Acorn has a range of state of the art printing and embroidery machines to ensure super results.

Take a look around our website to see all of the garments on offer and build up your quote.  If you need any help with garment choice, designs or delivery we are here to help.

Call us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or today.


Acorn Printing – AWD College Hoodie. 56 colour choices

School Leavers Hoodies

2017 hoodies for your school leavers

Personalised by Acorn

It’s  a big occasion so you are going to celebrate in style.

Acorn are specialists in providing fully personalised school leavers hoodies so everybody looks good.

2017 school leavers hoodies personalised


We have a great school leavers hoodie special offer for 2017:

  • Giant 2017 graphic
  • Embroidered school badge/crest
  • Pupil’s first name
  • Surname/nickname

All from £18.5 per hoodie on orders of 75 or more.

Acorn can personalise small-order values too, and provide even bigger discounts on larger orders.

We offer top brand hoodies from AWD, Cottonridge,Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and Gildan.  You can choose from loads of styles, colours and sizes.


Call our hotline freephone 0800 0190 552 or email for help choosing your hoodies today.


Acorn Printing – Cottonridge Ultra Premium Hoodie. In stock.

Personalised School Leaver Hoodies

Special Offer on School Leaver Hoodies for 2017

Every year Acorn prints and embroiders thousands of hoodies for students leaving schools and colleges across the UK.

school leaver hoodies 2017

All that experience means we have a pretty good idea of exactly what’s required.  A great choice of hoodies from the leading brands, in loads of colour and sizes is a good start.

We also know what makes a leavers’ hoodie special in terms of commemorating a special moment in students’ lives: it’s got to look and feel just right.

That’s why we are able to make a special offer for 2017.

Select from an AWD College hoodie, Cottonridge Premium or Cottonridge Ultra Premium (your choice of sizes and colours) and personalise with a giant 2017 graphic, an embroidered school badge/crest, the student’s first name and a surname/nickname.

All for only £15 a hoodie on orders of 100 or more.

Build up your quote online. Or talk to us for more details – call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


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