School Leavers & Tour Hoodies

Our 2020 Leavers and Tour hoodie promo has landed.

We have been supplying schools for over 34 years now and are one of the few leavers hoodie companies that embroider and print in house, meaning that you benefit from working with our experienced team directly. It also means that when you have that one child who forgot to order their hoodie, we can help make sure they aren’t left out. Please see below for both out Primary and Secondary School Promos.

If your school is looking for leavers or ski trip hoodies , please call us on 0800 0190 552 or email the team at

Personalise your Reusable Shopping Bags

Jute jumbo shopperCurrently, it is now more important than ever to do what we can to help the environment. As a shop/store owner, what you can do is provide reusable shopping bags for the customers.

1 Trillion one-time use plastic bags are used around the world, which also means that nearly 2 million plastic bags are used and disposed of every minute. By providing your customer with the opportunity to purchase a reusable bag, you offer the chance to help the environment, and it also creates a product for you to sell.

At Acorn Printing, we provide a variety of different bags from 100% recycled bottle polyester bags to organic cotton and various shopper bags.

After you have chosen your desired bag, we then can offer you a variety of different ways in which your bag can be personalised.
We can print your name, logo and image (to name a few) onto your bag.

Our in-house design team is happy to help you with the personalisation of reusable shopping bags. Our extremely friendly team are there to help at any point and can offer ideas for your personalisation.

f you would like to contact us at any point, please call our freephone number 0800 0190 522 or email our team at

We can also be found on Facebook too! Feel free to leave us a message on there, and we will try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

We hope to speak to you soon.

Our HUGE tote Bag Promotion

we print thousands of cotton shopper / tote bags / bags for life a year. As well as being a much friendlier option than using a plastic bag, they are also a great way of promoting your business/event/brand for a modest budget. The good new is that over the next 6 weeks, we are running a fantastic promotion, which makes it even cheaper to give your clients a branded bag that they can use time and time again.

From just £1 + vat (based on 200 units) you can have your brand over the front of one of our Cotton Shopper bags and really help to make a difference in the worlds fight against single use plastic bags. If you have an event/show/exhibition coming up and are in need of a great budget branded tote bag, get in touch with us today on 0800 0190 552 or by emailing the team at

A Complete Merchandise Solution

As part of our efforts to offer a complete merchandise solution to our clients, we have now added printed paper bags to the range. These are perfect for clients who sell our garments and promotional items at events and want to add an extra touch and of course brand awareness.



We are on our second year of creating such a service for British Touring Car Championship driver Tom Ingram. The local ace is set to start his 2019 campaign this weekend at Brands Hatch and is looking to go one better than his 2nd place overall last year. We produce Tom’s own range of t-shirts, hoodies & caps, which complement the bespoke padded softshell jackets we made for him last year.

If you have the need for your own range of clothing or a full merchandise solution like Tom, please give us a call on 02476 694466 or email

The flag has dropped on the new race season

Century Motorsport

Century Motorsport are the current GT4 champions in British GT and this year they return to try and take the honours in the GT3 class in a pair of brand new BMW M6 GT3 cars. As well as their team clothing, we have also supplied their drivers with clothing for their own sponsors, all designed and embroidered in house.


Is Vegan Clothing Going to Take Off?

What is Vegan Clothing?

Vegan clothing is known to be the production of clothing whereby there is no cost or compromise to animals lives or wellbeing.

With the vegan food industry rapidly blowing up in the past 24 months, it is a reasonable question to ask.

Who is Heading this Movement?

Andras Forgacs is the CEO of a start-up brand that creates a vegan alternative to leather. Modern Meadow, who has been creating small quantities of these fabrics for over 8 years, is launching his first full selection of products later this year.

Andras claims that when cows and crocodiles are used to create leather goods, between 50-90% of the animal is wasted due to a pattern or skin imperfection.

He aims to revolutionise the £153 billion leather industry, which is no small feat!

Backing the optimism of changes to the leather industry is business consulting firm Grand View Research. GVR has predicted the global faux leather market will hit $85bn by 2025.

It cites the lower cost of producing animal-free products along with the increasing number of consumers opting for animal-free materials.

Is Vegan Fashion Eco-Friendly?

There’s a tendency for shoppers to assume ‘vegan’ covers all their ethical bases, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

It is argued that vegan fashion tends to put the wellbeing of animals over that of the artisans and farmers who provide the non-vegan materials.

Some vegan fashion pieces are not built to the same standard of lasting quality, nor with materials that will age well, shortening their life span and raising yet more questions about what defines true sustainability.

The Verdict

The verdict is still out for vegan fashion and whether or not it will take off and supersede fashion and clothing as we know it, remains to be seen.

A happy medium must be met between animal welfare, the environment and the durability of our clothes.

Personalised Fleece Jackets for Winter Work

Keep Your Workforce Warm and Happy

What’s worse than getting to work and feeling cold? It’s hard to imagine that some companies are still missing a trick here, yet time and time again, we hear our friends and peers talk about discomfort during working hours.

If there is one sure way to keep a hold of your staff, it’s making that their work environment is as comfortable and positive as possible. And guess where we believe that starts? You got it. What they’re wearing!

With fleeces being so versatile, they can be worn for indoor and outdoor jobs, active and stationary jobs, and, more importantly – are brandable and smart.

What Sorts of Fleeces are Available?

Fleeces come in a wide variety of styles, materials and thickness. Where your employees are likely to be positioned, and what they are likely to be doing, is often going to decipher the type of fleece that you should choose.

For those facing harsh environments, and that need to be able to quickly remove their uniform, the Musto Zip Through Fleece is a must. With 240 high loft fleece, this nautical style fleece is both practical and attractive.

Alternatively, if your workers are indoors, the Full Zip Micro Fleece is an attractive alternative that maintains the practicality of more luxury brands, without the price tag. This range comes in a variety of colours and is easily matched up to your branding.

All of personalised fleece jackets can be embroidered with branding situated in various locations. However you visualise your staff uniform, be sure to give one of our experts a call (freephone 0800 0190 552), to point you in the right direction and organise a quote.



Merry Christmas 2018 – Our Operating Hours

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…

Christmas is upon us… how did that happen?! Another busy year has flown by at Acorn Printing and we would like to thank our wonderful customers for their business throughout 2018. We wish you a safe, happy and positive new year.

Our Christmas Operating Hours

We will be closing for the Christmas holidays and will not be operating between Friday 21st December (lunchtime close) and Tuesday 1st January 2019. We will reopen on Wednesday 2nd January 2019, with a fabulous added t-shirt range to see the new year in.

The New Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt Range

New in January we are offering Fruit of the Loom T-shirts that are completely brandable. This means that even the label inside the t-shirt does not display the Fruit of the Loom logo, reinstating the sense of brand ownership to your staff, customers and business partners.

These t-shirts arrive with tear away tags and are offered in various colours with a marl and fleck effect. The material contains polyester and allows for a comfortable, stylish fit and design to be created.

Our Recent Work

Ending the year in style, we have been busy at work on various printing and embroidery projects. We recently completed some breast size embroidered logos, where we were able to achieve extensive detail for a logo of this complexity and size.

We were also commissioned to produce printed long sleeve tees for Pop Bang Colour, a company in the automotive industry who create art designs for cars. The print was a large front centre image of their colourful logo, and you only need to see their expression to know they were happy customers (see right!).

See you in 2019!

If you are ordering over the Christmas period, please do be mindful that we will be back in business from Wednesday 2nd January. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a Happy New Year,

Acorn Printing

3D Printing in the Clothing Market

What Does 3D Printing Involve in the Clothing Industry?

3D printing involves the deposition of plastic, layer-by-layer, to create a structure that is three-dimensional. Some designers for luxurious brands created some forward-thinking pieces for Paris Fashion Week in January 2018.

Two women modelling 3D printed clothing
Credit: Daria Ratiner

Despite the surge of interest and excitement around printing clothing at home, it doesn’t seem as though this trend will take off any time soon.

Why? It is very difficult to get 3D printed materials to have a similar durability and texture to traditional clothing materials. The price of 3D printed clothing is high – yet the clothing that is produced cannot drape in a way that is similar to traditional fabrics either.

What Might The Future Hold for 3D Clothing?

While the initial uptake of this idea has been relatively slow and resistant, it looks as though the fortune of 3D clothing could still be triumphant.

As competition rises within the fashion industry, consumers become increasingly demanding. Now, consumers want clothing that perfectly fits their own physique, and some are willing to pay for it.

3D printing in stores would allow for measurements to be taken, and for personalised goods to be produced on the spot.

Some stores have already adopted this approach, as can be seen by The Ministry of Supply’s effort at knit printing in store.

Credit: The Ministry of Supply

Adidas ran a pop-up store presenting their 3-D knit collection in Spring 2017 – for these large brands, showing the willingness to innovate in favour of the consumer is favourable for in itself.

Adidas 3-D knitwear hanging on display
Credit: Adidas


While the 3D clothing market has many hurdles to cross, the willingness of large brands to innovate and meet customer demand may be the driving force that the industry needs to grow.

Making 3D clothing more efficiently, making garments more comfortable and assessing how this clothing will impact the environment are all considerations that must be examined.

Smart Clothing: What Does The Future Hold ?

What Is Smart Clothing?

Smart clothing (also known as e-Textiles) refers to the wearability of fabrics that have technological components embedded into the lining.

These components range in complexity but can even contain small computers. With features such as batteries and lights, these computers are designed to make our lives more convenient and to give us data about ourselves.

As with any invention, one innovative idea causes a ripple effect and sparks multiple others in the same space. We take a look at the potential health benefits of this up and coming take on apparel.

man wearing a smart technology coat

Wearable Technology and Health Benefits

With the ambition of achieving a smooth integration into our daily lives, these garments are poised to take personal devices out of our handbags and pockets – and seamlessly into our sleeves.

Ideally, remembering items such as your phone charger or your Fitbit will become as simple as getting dressed in the morning.

For example, smart shirts and bodysuits can provide fitness fanatics with biometric data such as:

  • Temperature
  • Pulse rate
  • Heart rhythm
  • Muscle stretch
  • Physical movement

Data collected by the garment is transmitted to an app on the user’s chosen device via Bluetooth.

The ability to do this in real-time could have an extremely positive effect within the health sector. For example, patients with cardiological problems may feel more motivated to monitor their well-being and perform positive health behaviours if they can see the direct outcomes.

Though a lot of wearable technology hasn’t seen the light of day, there are some garments that are already available to consumers. Many of the items that are already for sale are using temperature monitors to aid the user in their current environment.

Man doing leg stretches in gym wear

Sun worshipers can now wear bathing suits that advise them when they are getting overbaked. The health implications of this could be huge, especially when considering the prevalance of skin cancer.

Is Smart Clothing Affordable?

On the topic of thermoreactive garments, shoppers can now purchase gloves that are embedded with heat-conducted wires. These gloves serve to keep your fingers warm on cold days.

While these garments currently have a hefty price tag, increasing competition across the industry will inevitably lead to these products becoming affordable to everyone.

We Print Smart Clothing

Acorn Printing has specialised in the printing trade for over thirty years. We have printed on some pretty obscure objects in our time, therefore, it won’t surprise you that we can print on to smart clothing.

If you want your wearable tech personalised, look no further.