Embroidered Work Shirts

“Appearances may be all your customers have to judge you on.”  So look good.

Acorn has a sophisticated embroidery facility (and equally high tech printing equipment) that can embroider work shirts and polo shirts to suit your needs.

Work shirts and polo shirts can be embroidered in a wide range places: sleeves, chest, left and right breast, neck or on the back.

Acorn has a wide range of men’s and women’s garments available in many different styles and colours, suitable for both formal and casual working environments.  We can also source garments from a wide range of suppliers if you have particular requirements.

embroidered work shirts and polo shirts for your business

Our embroidery machines are very flexible. We can add pretty much anything you want including:

  • Company logos
  • Staff names
  • Contact details
  • Promotional messages
  • Graphics
  • Images

Check out the website today to choose the work shirts you need and build up your quote.

If you need any assistance contact our very helpful sales team today on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk.


Acorn Printing – Fruit of the Loom ladies long-sleeve poplin shirt. In stock.



Huff and Puff Construction

They really do make straw houses…but they won’t blow down in a hurry

Huff and Puff Construction straw bale building

The Acorn office were chuffed to receive an order recently from a company with one of the best business names we have seen for a while.

Huff and Puff Construction, based in Dorset, specialises in building with straw bales. Unlike the loose straw of the “three little pigs”, straw bales are, apparently, an excellent material for building houses, extensions and a whole range of outbuildings.  They provide fantastic insulation, are environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used in building projects.

Company promotional t-shirt for a country fairPhil Christopher, from Huff and Puff Construction, initially got in contact with us to get some promotional t-shirts printed for a country fair he was attending. The Stock Gaylard Oak Fair 2013 held near Kings Stag in Dorset was an ideal opportunity to show off the company’s techniques.

Phil and his wife Michelle, plus the support of some friends and family constructed a load bearing straw bale wall supporting a flat roof. Apparently it drew in an enthusiastic audience who were very impressed with what they saw.

With Acorn’s fair trade and organic credentials it was a great opportunity to support such an environmentally friendly project.  It also gives the opportunity to show off part of our production process.

Customer proof images to show our customer serviceLots of people call us (on freephone 0800 0190 552) because they are a bit concerned about placing an order when they don’t know what it will look like on a finished garment. With Acorn you always get an outline artwork proof to approve before any printing or embroidery goes ahead.  It gives you peace of mind that the correct logos or lettering are being used.

If you need any help getting promotional t-shirts, hoodies, polo or work shirts made for your business then call our helpful sales team on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk, today.


Acorn Printing – 12 types of business shirts for promotions or workwear

Logo embroidery for Fife Wargames

Your logo is a vital part of your branding, so it needs to be embroidered with care

Acorn can embroider your logo on garments and accessories

We have just completed some work for Fife Wargames, a paint ball and airsoft company with 23 acres of fun near St Andrews in Scotland.

With a big military feel about the activity and an actual need for camouflage to try and avoid being shot, it was natural for the company to have some army style patches created with a variety of meaningful logos and designs.

Acorn has a strong design capability to help out on these occasions. We also have some sophisticated embroidery equipment, which is flexible enough to cope with small scale test runs, to check proof of concept, and then print in batches of pretty much any size required.

Embroider your logo on t-shirts and polo shirts for the ideal promotional giftWe can embroider directly onto t-shirts, polo shirts, work shirts, hoodies or you name it, to create a mobile promotional platform or simply to look good.

You can see many of our massive range of garments and accessories on our website.

If there’s something you want but can’t see then call our sales team today on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk. We can source almost anything and customise it to your exact requirements.


Acorn Printing – Super range of customisable beanie hats and caps


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Get a hat, get ahead…in business

We’re not quite sure if caps count but we can help you make quite a mark.


Are you looking to provide promotional items at you next exhibition or trade show, or offer mementoes for a client or staff event?

Acorn has a range of caps and beanies ready to embroider with your logoAcorn has sophisticated embroidery equipment that delivers high quality, fastAcorn can provide a range of caps and beanies with your logo or crest neatly emblazoned on the headwear of your choice.

Acorn is trusted by leading companies, sports teams and educational establishments to provide high quality, personalised garments.

We have sophisticated technology and an expert team to ensure that your requirements are met in full.
For help, assistance and advice call our hotline freephone 0800 0190 552 or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk for a free quote today.


Acorn Printing – Personalised polo shirts to provide a professional image.



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Planning a Golf Day or Trip?

As the first signs of Spring appear around us, our thoughts turn too..planning the first corporate Golf Day!

Planning a Golf Day or Trip. Acorn can provide personalised Golf shirtsYes.  The snow is being cleared from the fairways and water drained from bunkers around the country.

Cotton Pique Golf shirt can be embroidered in four places to promote your company, team or event

This means both keen golfers and the friends of the 19th hole in your business and amongst your clients will be itching for the first Golf Day.

Acorn can help make sure that your Golfing event is remembered long after everybody’s clubs have been put back in their bags.  Our Glenmuir Mull and Cotton Pique Polo shirts are designed with Golf in mind and they can be embroidered in four different places with logos, crests or messages of your choice.

Embroidered Golf shirts for your next corporate Golf Day

So whether you’re celebrating the success of the sales team, launching a new product or simply entertaining some valuable customers take a look at our website or give our sales team a call on freephone 0800 0190 552.  We have links to hundreds of garment suppliers so we can meet any requirements.


Acorn Printing – Now offering pop-up promotional shelters


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Impress Your Customers – Get the Right Workwear Look

Paul Hitchens, author of “Create the Perfect Brand”, recently said in an interview, “If a potential audience knows nothing about a company then appearances will be all they have to judge the organization by.”
Redhawk Work Tabard from Acorn Printing
Create a Winning Appearance
For small businesses in particular that statement has some massive implications. It means that you can be the best electrician, café or consultant there is but if you don’t look the part then you may not win the business or attract people back.

Looking as clean and tidy as circumstances allow is the baseline for a winning appearance. In addition you can give clients an impression of team work and a shared identity by having:

  • the same type of clothing
  • a shared style across different clothes
  • the same colour apparel

Of course the best way of creating a strong image is to ensure that the company logo is prominently displayed. You might even consider adding promotional messages to provide customers with extra information about what you do.
Branded work shirt for Shirley Aquatics
Everybody’s Involved
What’s interesting is that in our experience the need to maintain the best appearance is not confined to the most obviously customer-facing staff. If you have an office or a factory then you probably get visits from all sorts of people: suppliers, service providers, local authorities, students or investors. They will all draw their own conclusions from what they see and tell other people about their experience.

Customise Your Look
Acorn Printing has a track record of helping businesses ensure that their customers, prospects and influencers judge their appearance very positively indeed.

We have a stock of dedicated work wear and Hi-Viz clothing including:Redhawk workwear jacket. Making your business look better jackets, trousers, warehouse coats and overalls in a range of styles and colours. These are hardwearing items that can be customised with your logos and messages with a variety of embroidery and printing options.

To make sure that everybody in your organisation presents the right look we also stock business shirts, polo shirts, jackets and coats that can also be printed and embroidered.

Oh and MD doesn’t need to miss out on the action because we also supply some nifty golf shirts! With Acorn Printing there are simply no excuses for not having a single, powerful company style and presence.

Contact Us
Check out our website, call our hotline freephone 0800 0190 552 or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk for a free quote today.



Acorn Printing – Now offering a superb range of pavement signs for on-street promotion

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Beanie Hat Embroidery

hats for embroideryIce, Ice (Beanie) Baby

When the temperature drops and the snow falls it makes our factory very cold! It’s always a reminder for us to tell you that we offer embroidered beanie hats at Acorn Printing.

We have a range of hats that can be embroidered with your logo or design.

They are ideal for keeping you and your staff warm and smart, or promoting your business whilst you are out and about in the snow and cold weather.

Our beanie hats come in a range of colours and styles, from plain, two tone, fleece and thinsulate to keep you extra warm.

In cold weather we recommend the thinsulate beanie hat as it has 3M Thinsulation and Scotchguard rain proof yarns.

Prices for hats start at £2.67 ex VAT and will vary on embroidery and the number of hats you order. If beanie hats aren’t your thing we also have a great range of caps that can also be personalised for you.

Contact us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or sales@acorn-printing.co.uk for a free beanie hat quote today.


Acorn Printing – How about a lovely and warm embroidered fleece to go with that hat?





Tabard Printing and Embroidery

Did you know we can print on tabards? We can print logos, slogans, designs and names on to tabards for your company. In fact, we could print anything you would like onto a tabard! As well as tabard printing we can offer embroidery onto tabards.

Tabards are a sleeveless top and usually come with a pocket in the front of it. Tabards are generally using in the catering industry, most commonly in kitchens and serving areas. Other uses include hospitality and cleaning industries to keep staff smart and clean. Tabards used to be popular in the middle ages, often carrying the coat of arms or other identifications, particularly important for the battlefield!

We stock Premier tabards and include a huge range of colours for you to choose from. The tabard has side tabs with adjustable stud fastened closures and are 68cm long.

The weight of the tabard is 210gms.

Prices from £11.10 with one print (excluding VAT).

We can print and embroider on to all kinds of hospitality and bar wear. We have a great range of Kustom Kit clothing we can personalise for you including bar aprons and bar shirts. Check out our Barwear department too.

Contact us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or sales@acorn-printing.co.uk for a free quote today.



Kustomkit corporate shirts

The kustomkit range of shirts is ideal for embroidery.Acorn can personalise with your designs. Call free phone 0800 p0190 552