Custom race jackets

Acorn appointed as official sportswear partner for BOSRA

Bosra logo iracing leagueFresh from several seasons success in the 750MC RGB race series Acorn is now heavily involved in another form of motor racing.

A very different form of racing.

We have joined the world  of SIM racing where drivers can pit themselves against each other and against the greatest motor racing circuits of the world without leaving their front rooms.

imagesBOSRA, the British Online Sim Racing Association, organises an online league using the sophisticated iRacing platform.  The league currently has seven teams and lots of highly competitive drivers battling it out in a variety of cup and championship races.  BOSRA also enters a team into the official iRacing race series.

Team Acorn Printing, including our very own Duncan Horlor, is there showing off a beautifully designed livery.  BOSRA was so impressed with the team’s look that they have commissioned Acorn to provide some fantastic race wear and their very own BOSRA online shop.

bosra-racing-jacketBOSRA is keen to welcome beginners into the iRacing experience as well as providing more experienced drivers with a real challenge. So if you have cracked the standard Xbox and PlayStation games you should give them a try.

Acorn provides custom and personalised clothing for a wide variety of clubs, teams and groups.

If you would like your own range of jackets, hoodies, polo shirts, caps and much more then call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – GameGear Formula Racing apparel: ready to customise

Custom Company Caps

Huge range of Beechfield caps and beanies

Beechfield have been producing outstanding original headwear for over 20 years.

Acorn is delighted to offer a myriad of sports caps, snap backs, 5 panel caps and beanies in as many as 25 different colours.

custom caps embroidered

You can have your choice of logos, images or text embroidered onto your cap or hat in a number of locations.

Custom embroidered caps are ideal for promoting your business.  They will look good on your customer facing staff and they also make great gifts for promotional events and exhibitions.

All you have to do is select which caps or hats you want from the Beechfield hats section of the website and tell us how you want them customised.

We do all the rest with speed and quality.

If you need any help or advice you can contact us on  freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – How about a personalised polo shirt to go with that cap?

Wasps Shop POS

Getting a buzz from our work

Following on from our Wasps Shop Signage post back in September Acorn is delighted to report more success in helping the rugby club settle into to its new Coventry home.

The team were busy inside the shop recently installing point of sale promotional material and adding more signage.  It’s a fascinating project for Acorn because it brings together a wide range of the company’s skills in different printing techniques and use of materials.

custom point of sale promotional material

Acorn has a number of sophisticated printers that means that we can custom print almost anything; banners,  pop-up shelters or even the protective covers around rugby posts!

If you want help with signage for your shop or business premises then just get in touch. Call the sales team on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – Check out our selection of ready-to-personalise rugby sports wear.

Custom Social Club Apparel

Supporting the British Antarctic Survey Club

Acorn has set up an online shop so that members of the British Antarctic Survey Club (BASC) can purchase club apparel.

Customised Club Apparel for the BASCThe BASC provides social activities and support to past and present members of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and its predecessor organisations. The BAS itself is part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and is dedicated to delivering research in the Polar Regions. BAS works in multi-disciplinary teams on projects investigating topics such as bio-diversity, atmosphere, geology and ecosystems.

The standalone shop, which is part of our T-Shirts UK site, allows the BASC to offer a wide range of products to its members, while reducing costs of administration and stock holding.

The heritage and standing of the club is reflected in the prominence of the club crest on all of the shop items.  Although current members might be wearing specialised garments to cope with the low temperatures at both the North and South Poles, the club shop includes some handy cold weather gear.  In addition to a choice of a fleece, hoodie or sweatshirt, hats and a scarf also make an appearance.

custom social club merchandise

Acorn has a huge range of clothing and promotional items to choose from and the ability to personalise any item with sophisticated printing and embroidery machinery.

If you think that your club or society could benefit from a shop of your own why not get in touch?

Call Acorn today on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – Stedman Morgan Crew Neck T-Shirt. In stock

Congratulations to Chris

Two Times Yellow Jersey Winner

Congratulatins to Chris Froome Yellow Jersey winner for the 2nd timeThe cycling fans at Acorn Printing were whooping with delight as Chris Froome crossed the line in Paris for his second TDF victory.

The Team GB victory at the Olympics stimulated an new interest in bicycles (“Penny Farthings“) amongst our team. This win will no doubt encourage them to take the baskets off the front of their trusty machines.

As it happens we do have a range of dedicated cycling wear and sports clothing which are ready to be personalised with printing or embroidery.

We provide road and track cycling clubs, social cycle groups and charity/holiday holiday bike ride organisers with a wide range of garments.  We add logos, names and messages for identity, celebration and, occasionally mockery, for both bulk and small orders.

printed cycling jerseys and clothing
The Acorn cycling range features brands like Craft, GameGear and Spiro and includes;

  • Cycling jerseys
  • Cycle shorts
  • Gilets
  • Jackets
  • Vests

There are plenty of colour and size choices but sadly nothing in yellow or in red polka dots.

Acorn offers free set-up and help with designs. There are also big discounts for charities.

If you need any help all you have to do is call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email today.


Acorn Printing – La Femme Spiro Sprint Top.  In stock

Custom Pit Crew Apparel

Win the Pit Lane Fashion Battle

As competitors in the 750 MC RGB Championship Acorn understands that sometimes the real action takes place behind the scenes.

There can be intense rivalry among the Pit Crews to look good even in the face of adverse weather and the combined effects of oil, fuel and track dirt.

That’s why we have revitalised our range of custom pit crew apparel to include t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and jackets from Gamegear and Finden and Hales.

custom pit crew apparel. T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and jackets

There are loads of colour combinations to choose from and we can supply both men’s and women’s garments in a wide range of sizes.

Best of all you can have your garments completely customised with team and sponsor logos and messaging or with pit crew team members names.  It’s your choice of printing and embroidery options.

Check out the motor racing section of our website to build up your quote today.

If you need help choosing apparel or deciding on custom options freephone 0800 0190 552 or email for a free quote.


Acorn Printing – Check out the Monza Formula Racing jacket now.

Personalised Sailing Clothes

Printed or embroidered sailing gear. In stock now.

With an estimated 600,000 people taking part in both racing and cruising every year, sailing is one of the country’s favourite water-based activities.

There are hundreds of races, regattas, cruises and club events taking place on both inland waterways and coastal waters every weekend.  We already provide a variety of personalised hoodies and t-shirts to sailing participants but now we have the opportunity to provide some specialist gear.

Acorn can now supply a range of sailing jackets, vests, fleeces and base layers from SLAM and MUSTO.  These garments are designed for the rigours of active crew duties whether you are crashing Atlantic waves or going for the fastest time on your local reservoir.

personalised sailing clothing printed and embroideredThe best thing is that we can  personalise your choice of garments with printed or embroidered club names and crests, for instance, and individual crew members names. It’s the perfect way to promote your association or create that extra bit of team spirit.

All you need to do is check out the sailing section on our website and build up your quote.

If you need any help with choosing products or sorting out the artwork then all you have to do is call.

We are on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – SLAM Force One Jacket. Ready to embroider.


Acorn Millennium Security Spire GT3 in action.

You need to see this super picture of the Acorn racing car on the circuit.




The Acorn Millennium Security Spire GT3 has been taking part in a second season of the 750 MC RGB Championship.

Driven by our very own Duncan Horlor the car is, as you can see, a mobile advertisement for Acorn’s vehicle signage capabilities.  The events have also provided an opportunity to show off a range of pop-up shelters and awnings that are also extensively branded.

To find out more about our signage and promotional item capability call us today on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email



Acorn Printing – Your choice of cap or beanie personalised today


Le Gear Pour Le Tour?

Excitement is building amongst cycling fans with Le Grand Depart 2014 taking place in Yorkshire

Icustomised cycling clothingt’s a fantastic boost to the prestige of the sport in the UK to have the opening stages in this country. Hopefully it will encourage even more of us to get on our bikes.

We are pretty keen on cycling here at Acorn.  That’s why you will find a nice collection of specialist cycling clothing, all ready for personalised printing or embroidery, on our website.

You’ll find shirts, shorts, jackets and even socks available. We can add rider’s names, numbers, team names or club logos to suit fun rides or serious competition – whatever suits you.

All you need to do is visit the cycling section of the site and build your on-line quote!

if you need any help simply call us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email, today.



Acorn Printing – Cooltex Performance Vest with moisture control, now available

750 MC RGB – First update of 2014

Racing Post.  First report of the season.

750-motor-club-logoLast weekend saw the Acorn Millennium Security Spire GTR in its second outing in the 750 MC RGB Championship 2014 season.  

The car is driven by our very own Duncan Horlor and is proving to be a great opportunity to promote our ability to print vehicle graphics, personalise garments and customised race awnings and flags.

We have some lovely photos from the race and Duncan’s race reports, which give you a real sense of how exciting this racing series is.

Race 1

imageWell that was a great days racing. I had a great start to race 1 and got up to 4th and up the side of third place before the gap became too small and we made contact going into the first corner. They span and I took avoiding action, loosing 3 places in the process. At the next corner, I was tapped from behind and caught the slide, but still got good drive out of the corner and on to the back straight. I settled down and concentrated on catching 6th place, who after a few laps I managed to overtake.

5th place was David another Spire GT3 the same as mine, so very similar in performance, but there was a couple of places where I knew I was quicker. He drove a great defensive race for about 8 laps, but with 2 laps to go he made a mistake coming on to the back straight and I managed to pass him before entering Brooklands. Behind David was Alastair who had made great progress, since spinning on lap one, when tapping me. I knew that Al was a fair bit quicker than me, so I just made sure I got a good exit on to the straights and defended the corners. On the last lap with both of them right behind me, I really slowed them down on the entry into luffield, which gave me the chance to get on the power early and cross the line 0.2 seconds ahead of Al and David. 5th place was my best finish so far.

Race 2

image3For race 2, I was again starting 5th but didn’t get such a great start. It was still good enough to hold 5th around the first half of the lap. At the end of the back straight Matt and JC in their GT3’s were trying to give each other enough room, so they could pull away from the pack in doing so JC went onto the marbles (loose bits of rubber) at the outside of the corner and span. As we were all so close, this promoted me to 4th place.

The top 4 then pulled away and after 6 laps or so I had pulled a gap most of the back straight away from 5th and the rest of the pack. I then started to lose pace, the times got slightly better as the fuel level dropped, but not as much as then should have done. The gap back to 5th was closing fast and it was only a matter of time before they caught me, which happened with about 5 laps to go. Again defensive driving where I was slow was needed, but I could still pull a gap out of luffield, down the straight and around copse. Again it came to the last lap with Tony and David both really putting the pressure on, I did the same as race 1, slowing them down into luffield and got a great exit to take the chequered flag ahead of them for 4th place.

So happy to have been up towards the front in the second outing in the new car and to have had my family their to watch what were two great races. That podium is getting closer 🙂


We’ll be providing more race reports as the season progresses.  If you need any racing-related promotional items printed and embroidered for your team then check out the Acorn website and build your own on-line quote today.  Or if you need any assistance call us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – Kustom Kit racing polo shirt ready to personalise