Church T-Shirts Printed

Church and cars go together?

You probably realise that Acorn Printing likes its motorsport.

So when we got asked to print some t-shirts for a group providing ambassador services at the recent Coventry Motofest naturally we jumped at the chance.

church tee shirts printed

What made it all the better was that the group in question are members of Coventry’s Jubilee Church, based not too far from us.

The picture we have of the t-shirts shows that our products are put to good use – no colour runs for our garments.

So whatever events your church, mosque or temple are getting involved in Acorn can get you togged up.

All you need to do is choose from our massive selection of brands, styles, colours and sizes and build up your quote.  We stock women’s, men’s and children’s garments to make sure everybody is comfortable.  You can personalise your t-shirts with print or embroidery to add the names, logos and messages you require.

If you have any questions or need help with designs just call us on freephone 0800 0190552 or email



Acorn Printing – Try the Gildan Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt


Once a Wasp Always a Wasp

Wasps Make a Beeline for Acorn

The arrival of Wasps RFC at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena has certainly created a bit of a stir around the city.

It’s also created a bit of a stir at Acorn as the club have chosen us to provide a wide range of printed and embroidered garments for its promotional activity.

We were particularly pleased with this recent t-shirt run because we managed to get such sharp detail that you can see the blades of grass on the pitch.

Wasps promotional t-shirts printed

Wasps have a reputation for using local suppliers and as big rugby fans ourselves its great to see the club’s commitment to making Coventry its new home.

If you are looking for promotional t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts or much more then why not talk to us today.  Acorn has a superb range of apparel from all the leading brands and we can print or embroider pretty much anything you want anywhere you want it.

Check out the Acorn Printing website today and build up your quote online.  If you need any help the simply call us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – Super Premium Tee from Fruit of the Loom. In stock.

Embroidered promotional scarves

Sometimes it pays to be a bit different. Have you considered a scarf for your next promotional campaign?

Embroidered logo on a heavy duty promotional scarfActually we provide a pretty complete range of promotional items that can be personalised to suit any occasion. However when the 750 Motor Club, whose competitions the Acorn Printing car is racing in, said they needed something a little different, well we came up with a scarf.

Picture the image of a dashing racing driver or even a fighter pilot of the 1930’s or 40’s.  Their simple overalls or uniforms and helmets were always supplemented by a jaunty scarf fluttering in the breeze. Or perhaps we have been watching too many old films.

Anyway the 750 Motor Club liked the idea so much that they placed an order for several hundred scarves with the club logo expertly embroidered on them.

scarf being embroidered on one of Acorns' embroidery machines

Our embroidered machines did a great job of capturing the logo with that unique embossed effect, which stand out rather nicely we think you will agree.

If the idea of using a scarf to promote the business sounds good to you then get in touch with us direct on freephone 0800 0190 552 to discuss the options or email for a free quote today.


Acorn Printing – Check out our Thinsulate beanie. Warm, dry and embroidable

Damsels in distress – It’s The Wolf

Could Acorn get the ladies to the race on time?

It was just one of those ordinary Fridays.  Plenty of orders going through and not too much to report. Then all hell breaks loose.

in Leamington Spa are on the phone, with a problem.  They are competing in the renown Wolf Run wild running event at the weekend, but the people who were due to provide them with personalised running shirts has let them down.  Can Acorn get them out of a hole?

Team-Esque persoanlised t-shirt design

First thing to find out is what they need.  Apparently black, long sleeve t-shirts will look fab (we have to be somewhat fashion conscious for a beauty salon) and fortunately our well provided stock room means we have those to hand.

Then the artwork.  Well we can help by using the style of the existing logo and creating striking image with bold Team Esqué lettering to let the other competitors know who they are up against.

Finally can we get the garments printed and delivered on time? Well this is where our investments in clever printing equipment comes in.  It’s so easy to set up print jobs that we just bump a less urgent job off the run and make Esqué the priority.  And as for delivery – well it’s a pleasure (and not too far) to make this one a personal drop-off.

Now it’s over to you girls.

Team Esque Wolf Run teesPostscript: Months, or possibly weeks, of training clearly paid off. The whole Esqué team finished the gruelling Wolf Run and raised a shed load of money for Cancer Research in the process.

It’s a matter of opinion whether the running shirts look better clean or caked in mud.

If you need help, assistance or advice on sorting out your gear for races or charity events just call our hotline freephone 0800 0190 552 or email for a free quote today.


Acorn Printing – Great range of wicking and moisture control t-shirts and shirts



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Unusual client requests. Medieval board game.

We do get asked to print some interesting things.  How about an authentic historic dice board?

Unusual printing request. Medieval dice board gameWe really like printing t-shirts and hoodies, and embroidering polo shirts and caps.  However it does make our day even more interesting when we get special requests.

Gothic Green Oak certainly posed an interesting challenge for us when they asked if we could print a “House of Fortune” dice game layout onto a cloth to create an authentic playing surface.

Apparently “House of Fortune” dates back to medieval times where it became popular in taverns. One of the attractions is that it is easy to learn and play, thus not distracting too much from the serious business of drinking.

Acorn’s design and operational teams put their heads together to locate the appropriate material and work out how to print the design to replicate, as far as possible, a hand written style.  The fruits of our labour were gratefully received by our client and now form part of the company’s portfolio.

Gothic Green Oak specialises in authentic historic games for museums, re-enactment and simply to play. The company thoroughly researches the  games and then ensures they are constructed in the closest possible way to the originals. Gothic Green Oak make games covering the Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon periods, Early to Late Medieval, Tudor, Civil War up to Napoleonic times.  It’s worth having a look at their website just to see the many varieties of games on offer and the interesting designs and rules that go with them.

Acorn has a range of specialist print machines and processes to meet your needs, however diverse.  We can also source a huge variety of materials to cater for any eventuality.

For help, assistance and advice call our hotline freephone 0800 0190 552 or email for a free quote today.


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Fulfilment service from Acorn Printing

With advanced printing and embroidery capability,  highly developed operational processes and a team of knowledgeable and experienced people it’s perhaps no surprise that Acorn Printing is now offering a complete fulfilment service for some of its major clients.

Over the last 28 years Acorn Printing have developed from being a T shirt printer to a full personalised clothing facilitator who works in partnership in sourcing and providing the complete clothing and gift solution from idea to point of sale.

Acorn have one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in terms of printing and embroidery technology. In house we have both manual and automatic high volume t shirt printing production which is supported with transfer printing, vinyl cut and DTG printing.

DTG or direct to Garment printing is a fairly new printing technology which allows us to print direct onto garments  full colour prints in small runs. we have invested in high precision Brother printing machines which can print on white and coloured garments using white inks.

DTG printing allows test prints for larger screen printed runs but more importantly allows the end user to have multi colour designs on t shirts in very small runs making it ideal for small promotional events for high grade clients that require their logo and strap line reproduced under corporate guide lines.

Our embroidery department offers full design and digitising of your designs plus multi head machines for professional embroidering. We offer subcontract embroidery for other trade companies and resellers.

With this massive capability Acorn has developed the fulfilment service following requests by the larger clients. Today we work with several national companies including TV companies that require the clothing ready for point of sale on their websites or in their outlets.

The services include:

  • Sourcing goods
  • Printing and embroidery for personalisation
  • Folding and bagging
  • Swing tags
  • Bar coding
  • Stock control
  • Shipping direct to end user
  • Subcontract printing
  • Subcontract embroidery
  • E commerce website production


Within the Acorn group we have our own IT company Horlor IT Ltd is based around Imprint technology and e commerce websites. Acorn has been Internet based for over 12 years (our first website) we have developed our own company to look after the Acorn range of sites.

We do offer and do supply several bespoke e commerce sites on behalf of our clients that seamlessly interface with their own sites. These sites can be managed or driven by the client as part of the fulfilment service.

If you have a requirement for more than just a t shirt printer then contact Acorn on Free phone 0800 0190 552 or simply email



Acorn Printing – For a great range of fair trade and organic clothing

Contract printing & fulfilment service

Acorn offer a contract printing service for other printers and suppliers of merchandise. We can not only supply and print/embroider a wide range of clothing but have for some years offerd a relabling and branding service including bagging and barcoding of individual garments for retail sales. Acorn also offer a storage , pick, pack and ship facility. Contact or sales to discuss you requirement.

Time Team choose Acorn

The TV series Time Team starring Tony Robinson has chosen Acorn Printing as their partner in the new merchandising venture which went live in August.

Fans and followers can now visit the Time Team Digital website and choose from a super collection of Time Team clothing and gifts.

Acorn were chosen for the quality of embroidery and printing which is supported by their experience in offering a full fulfilment service for the clients.