Brother DTG GT782 printer ordered

Acorn’s Managing Director Clive Horlor returned from the IMB exhibition in Cologne with the news that Acorn is the first company in Europe to place an order for the new Brother GT 782 t shirt printer. The new Printer the is the big Brother to the GT541 that Acorn currently have in their small order dept.

The new direct to garment printer has full white ink printing abiltity so can produce full colour designs on dark garments. The twin pallet machine was first shown in Atlanta at the SIGA show but as yet has not been released in the USA.

The new machine is expected to arrrive in Europe around the end of the year. The technology is relatively new and will allow Acorn to produce full colour  designs on a range of dark coloured clothing in small runs which is uneconomical with screen printing. See the Brother web page for more information.

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