All Over Printing

Want Your Design to Cover the Entire Garment?

Choose sublimation for an all over print

You have probably seen people sporting polo shirts and t-shirts that seem to have a great design printed all over them.  And you have probably wondered “How did they do that?”

The answer is “Dye Sublimation”, sometimes called “All Over Printing”.

The example shown below is a polo shirt we created for the British Miniature Pylon Racing Association’s Team who are competing in the world championships in Sweden this month.

All over printing - Dye sublimation printing for the ultimate in personalised garments. T-shirts and polo shirts

With sublimation printing every single part of the garment can be specially printed including the sleeves, collar and the placket (the area around the buttons).

It’s the ultimate in customisation that could really set you apart from crowd.  Acorn can help whether you’re are a team in competition, a business at an exhibition or just somebody who wants the best for a club, charity or social group.

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