Keep Cosy in Personalised Loungewear

Personalised Loungewear is Trending…

Whether you are scrolling through Instagram or catching a flight, you are bound to see personalised loungewear everywhere nowadays.

With celebrities and social media influencers continually pushing apparel from new, up and coming brands, loungewear seems to be the dress code of choice.

But why pay premium prices, when you can personalise your loungewear yourself?

Acorn Printing offers one-off personalisation of joggers, onesies and sweatpants – so whether you want to be different or you want to match your friends – we are at your service.

Match Your Hens!

It has become customary to match your friends on your hen-do and what better way than to arrive at the airport in your personalised joggers.

Not only will it make you stand out to your fellow passengers, but also provides a keepsake for all your hens to remember the trip.

Match Your Kids?!

No hen-do planned? No worries! If you want to play matchy matchy, why not pick up personalised loungewear for you and your children? Imagine how excited they will be to see their own name or initials on their clothes.

product photo of printed joggers

How to Order Your Loungewear With Us

At Acorn printing, we have over 33 years of experience in customising clothing. You can call us on 0800 0190 552 (freephone) and one of our helpful advisors will make sure you get the loungewear you want.

3D Printing in the Clothing Market

What Does 3D Printing Involve in the Clothing Industry?

3D printing involves the deposition of plastic, layer-by-layer, to create a structure that is three-dimensional. Some designers for luxurious brands created some forward-thinking pieces for Paris Fashion Week in January 2018.

Two women modelling 3D printed clothing
Credit: Daria Ratiner

Despite the surge of interest and excitement around printing clothing at home, it doesn’t seem as though this trend will take off any time soon.

Why? It is very difficult to get 3D printed materials to have a similar durability and texture to traditional clothing materials. The price of 3D printed clothing is high – yet the clothing that is produced cannot drape in a way that is similar to traditional fabrics either.

What Might The Future Hold for 3D Clothing?

While the initial uptake of this idea has been relatively slow and resistant, it looks as though the fortune of 3D clothing could still be triumphant.

As competition rises within the fashion industry, consumers become increasingly demanding. Now, consumers want clothing that perfectly fits their own physique, and some are willing to pay for it.

3D printing in stores would allow for measurements to be taken, and for personalised goods to be produced on the spot.

Some stores have already adopted this approach, as can be seen by The Ministry of Supply’s effort at knit printing in store.

Credit: The Ministry of Supply

Adidas ran a pop-up store presenting their 3-D knit collection in Spring 2017 – for these large brands, showing the willingness to innovate in favour of the consumer is favourable for in itself.

Adidas 3-D knitwear hanging on display
Credit: Adidas


While the 3D clothing market has many hurdles to cross, the willingness of large brands to innovate and meet customer demand may be the driving force that the industry needs to grow.

Making 3D clothing more efficiently, making garments more comfortable and assessing how this clothing will impact the environment are all considerations that must be examined.

Stand Out At Your Next Show With Embroidered Polo Shirts

Make Your Brand Shine at Upcoming Industry Events

With hundreds of alternative brands, solutions, and companies to focus on, standing out at shows has never been more difficult.

Competition is rising ubiquitously, and brands must heed every opportunity to attract attention.

From vertical-roller banners to pop-up displays, Acorn has the machinery, skills, and know-how to produce the most compelling advertising at the show.

Once You Have Your Customer’s Attention

Once you have prospective customers talking to your team, their perception of your professionalism and ability relies on two things:

  1. Your team’s ability to communicate and show expertise in the subject area.
  2. The presentation and branding of your team.

While we can’t turn your team into industry experts overnight (sorry!), Acorn can make sure that they are dressed uniformly in smart, branded clothing.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Most often, exhibitors will order matching embroidered polo shirts for their team, and to give away.

We embroider eye-catching areas of polo shirts and are versatile with our embroidery techniques.

Harder and Steenbeck Case Study

Recently, we embroidered polo shirts for a German company, Harder and Steenbeck. Harder and Steenbeck was attending a show and wanted:

  • Classic branded embroidery (featuring their logo)
  • Their national flag presented in a subtle but noticeable position

We embroidered the logo on the left breast of the front of the shirt, and on the upper center of the back of the shirt.

We then carefully positioned a small German flag on the back and front of the collar.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Are You Looking To Embroider Your Team’s Apparel?

With over 33 years of industry experience, Acorn Printing specialise in creating branded advertising prints for your company.

Whether it is your team’s uniform, merchandise, or your show banner, we have the knowledge and skills to produce the ultimate prints.

Our experts are on hand to help, call freephone 0800 0190 552 for guidance, advice, and orders.


Smart Clothing: What Does The Future Hold ?

What Is Smart Clothing?

Smart clothing (also known as e-Textiles) refers to the wearability of fabrics that have technological components embedded into the lining.

These components range in complexity but can even contain small computers. With features such as batteries and lights, these computers are designed to make our lives more convenient and to give us data about ourselves.

As with any invention, one innovative idea causes a ripple effect and sparks multiple others in the same space. We take a look at the potential health benefits of this up and coming take on apparel.

man wearing a smart technology coat

Wearable Technology and Health Benefits

With the ambition of achieving a smooth integration into our daily lives, these garments are poised to take personal devices out of our handbags and pockets – and seamlessly into our sleeves.

Ideally, remembering items such as your phone charger or your Fitbit will become as simple as getting dressed in the morning.

For example, smart shirts and bodysuits can provide fitness fanatics with biometric data such as:

  • Temperature
  • Pulse rate
  • Heart rhythm
  • Muscle stretch
  • Physical movement

Data collected by the garment is transmitted to an app on the user’s chosen device via Bluetooth.

The ability to do this in real-time could have an extremely positive effect within the health sector. For example, patients with cardiological problems may feel more motivated to monitor their well-being and perform positive health behaviours if they can see the direct outcomes.

Though a lot of wearable technology hasn’t seen the light of day, there are some garments that are already available to consumers. Many of the items that are already for sale are using temperature monitors to aid the user in their current environment.

Man doing leg stretches in gym wear

Sun worshipers can now wear bathing suits that advise them when they are getting overbaked. The health implications of this could be huge, especially when considering the prevalance of skin cancer.

Is Smart Clothing Affordable?

On the topic of thermoreactive garments, shoppers can now purchase gloves that are embedded with heat-conducted wires. These gloves serve to keep your fingers warm on cold days.

While these garments currently have a hefty price tag, increasing competition across the industry will inevitably lead to these products becoming affordable to everyone.

We Print Smart Clothing

Acorn Printing has specialised in the printing trade for over thirty years. We have printed on some pretty obscure objects in our time, therefore, it won’t surprise you that we can print on to smart clothing.

If you want your wearable tech personalised, look no further.

School Logo Printing – Emblem Embroidery For School Uniforms

Blackboard featuring ABC, Chalk and BooksGet the Best Value from Our School Logo Printing Services

Stock up on embroidered and printed schoolwear this autumn, in preparation for the year ahead. We stock tonnes of customisable schoolwear items in various colours, fits, and sizes.

By ordering your embroidered school sweatshirts, polo shirts, cardigans, and fleeces through us, you can save thousands of pounds. With our bulk order bundles, the price per item drops significantly, saving your school money.

Why Is It Important For Schools to Make Uniforms Mandatory?

This topic is commonly debated, particularly due to the price of school uniform. Luckily, our low prices make school uniforms much more affordable. But aside from that, why are school uniforms a good idea?

Firstly, when all children wear a uniform, clothing-related peer pressure and bullying are eliminated. All of the children appear to be the same and to attend the school for the sole purpose of learning. Socio-economic differences between student families become discrete and this helps everyone focus on the school’s priorities.

Secondly, wearing the same uniform gives the student group a sense of unity. The class is joined by one single commonality – what they are wearing. Strengthening a student group in this way aids the development of key skills – such as teamwork and socialisation.

A young child completing a school workbook at a desk

Finally, making a school uniform mandatory can improve the levels of discipline that are present in the classroom. By the children adhering to the uniform code, they are already meeting the school’s rules and expectations before they arrive. This ensures that students arrive in a positive mindset for learning each day, from the very beginning.

How Do Acorn Printing Personalise Schoolwear?

Once you have chosen the desired color and fit of the items, we can inform you of the locations and type of personalisation that we offer. Most often, we will either print or embroider your school emblem on to your garments – depending on the material and your preferences.

Our helpful experts are on hand to give you one-to-one advice about schoolwear personalisation. To get an expert opinion, call 0800 0190 552 now.


New Term At College? Get Your Personalised Beauty Therapist Tunic

Keep Your Beauty Therapist Tunic Looking Smart

When a customer walks into your clinic, the most important impression that you can give is one of supreme hygiene. Treatments can often cause a mess, using liquid products such as oils, and producing debris such as skin cells and nail filings.

Daily contact with beauty products, as well as wear and tear, is bound to take its toll on your work uniform. Yet, you are the face of your clinic, so ensuring that you look clean, smart and tidy is of the utmost importance.

Ensuring that your beauty therapist tunic is looking fresh and smart is paramount. With personalised tunics offered at such low prices, it’s a great idea to purchase a new one ready for the college term ahead.

Why Are Personalised Tunics So Popular?

Second to recognising your clinic’s cleanliness, customers need to remember your brand. Whether you are self-employed or have a limited company, getting loyal customers to return to you is crucial. Creating a named brand helps clients to refer you, whether it’s via the internet or word-of-mouth.

Having your company name printed on your tunic helps to remind your customer of your brand. Often during treatments, the customer will be in close proximity to the therapist. Take advantage of this, by ensuring that your beauty therapist tunics feature your logo or company name.

What Type of Therapist Tunic Should You Choose?

Whether you prefer a simple, clean design or want a pop of colour to make you stand out, Acorn Printing has something for everyone.

Our tunics are made from various combinations of cotton and polyester. These fabric combinations provide the best level of comfort and fit for beauty work. Choose a style and fit that you like the look of, and view the material details in the product description area.

Most of our tunics can have either print or embroidery work, and branding can be placed on the:

  • Left Breast
  • Right Breast
  • Centre Back
  • Nape of Neck
  • Left Sleeve
  • Right Sleeve
  • Back
Attractive woman wearing a tunic top on a pink background

If you would like to learn more about our personalised beauty therapist tunics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 0190 552

Get Your Embroidered Jackets for A/W 2018

Embroidered Jackets and Company Logos

Today, it is increasingly common to see customised clothing everywhere you go. Whether you are at an airport or a sports field, you are bound to see embroidered jackets and jackets featuring company logos.

The presence of a company logo on your team clothing is key for your branding campaign. This is particularly true if your team regularly attend events, shows or works in the field.

Additionally, providing team members with branded clothing creates a strong sense of communion within a group. Encouraging your team to proudly wear your embroidered company logo will serve to strengthen your staff’s morale.

Banner promoting embroidered jackets featuring sewing machine

Why Embroidery Is So Popular

Branded embroidery is popular for good reason. No matter what sort of material the jacket is, well-crafted needlework looks smart, stylish and is permanent. Acorn printing run state-of-the-art embroidery machines that ensure your garment looks and stays perfect.

Jacket embroidery is an extremely popular option, primarily because stitching achieves a solid, slightly three-dimensional texture to a logo or company name.

Which Type of Jacket Should You Get Embroidered?

When you order your embroidered jacket, it is important to consider where you will be wearing it and the weather conditions that you will face.

We have many different jacket styles sourced from over 100 trusted brands such as:

  • Regatta
  • Stormtech
  • Tri-Di
  • Kooga
  • Nimbus
  • Portwest
  • Adidas

Two of our most popular embroidered jacket styles are the Personalised Padded Functional Jacket and the Premium Full-Zip Micro Fleece Jacket. Despite these jackets being designed for different occasions, they are both robust and customisable for their own uses.

Firstly, the Personalised Padded Functional Jacket has:

  • A wind and water repellent softshell
  • Quilted padding for warmth
  • Multiple pockets for the ultimate level of practicality
  • Ventilation zippers under armpits

This is a smart, warm outdoor jacket designed for adverse weather conditions. You can get embroidered customisation on:

  • Left Breast
  • Right Breast
  • Centre Back
  • Nape of Neck
  • Left Sleeve
  • Right Sleeve
  • Neck Label
  • Back
Product Image of the Padded Functional Jacket in Black

Alternatively, the Premium Full Zip Micro Fleece Jacket has:

  • Elasticated Cuffs
  • 2 Self Coloured Covered Zipped Pockets
  • Hanger Loop Inside Neck
  • Half Moon Yoke
  • Twin Needle Stitching
  • Full Self-Coloured Zip with Zip Puller
  • Elasticated Pull Cords & Toggles
  • Cadet Style Collar
Product image of Full Zip Micro Fleece in Blue

If you require embroidered jackets on a budget, these fleeces are suitable for more sheltered conditions. They are excellent choices for temporary staff, one-off events or for wearing in a shopping store. Customisation is available in the same locations on these fleece jackets.

So Much Choice, Need Some Help?

We stock hundreds of jackets in multiple colours and it can be difficult to know which garments are perfect for you. Luckily, at Acorn Printing we are on hand to make sure you choose the perfect materials, colours and designs for the job.

To get some friendly advice or to make your order, please call 0800 0190 552 or email us at

Printed High Vis Vests and Jackets

Building site with workers wearing high visGet Your Printed High Vis Vest or Jacket in Time for Winter

As the unpredictable winter approaches, it’s a good idea to order your team’s printed high vis vests and jackets. We stock practical, well-made high visibility jackets that can feature your company logo, team name, and employee’s name.

High Vis and Work Safety

Wearing high visibility (Hi Vis) clothing in the workplace is a health and safety necessity nowadays. Whether you work on a building site, a highway, or in a warehouse – there can be harsh repercussions for forgetting yours.

Not only are printed high vis vests and jackets potentially lifesaving, but they are also an obligatory part of meeting personal protection equipment (PPE) requirements. There are various safety regulations that need to be followed in the trade and construction industries. Luckily, at Acorn Printing, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the correct type of high vis for your job.

Roadworkers wearing work safety gear

Extremely Practical High Visibility Coats

Our high vis collection invariably features reflective high visibility strips and colours that are easily discernible against any background. Many of our personalised high vis jackets are waterproof, and some are windproof with mobile phone and pen pockets.

These workforce jackets are designed to be practical for cold, dreary days where working conditions are bleak. You can stay warm, safe, and advertise your company at the same time, using our efficient customisation services.

Customised High Vis Vests

If you don’t like working in jackets and prefer to layer up with jumpers, wearing a printed high vis vest would be your perfect choice. This is also an ideal option for companies with a high staff turnover.

Finally, it’s important to note that the use of printed high vis extends far beyond a working environment. We print high vis waistcoats and jackets for cyclists, equestrian teams and school children.

Builder wearing printed high vis vest on a roof

Acorn Printing Are On Hand

Whatever your purpose for buying a high-vis item, you can be sure that Acorn Printing is on hand to help you. To learn which high vis items meet your work regulations, call us now on 0800 0190 552.

Acorn Printing is Proud to Sponsor Berkswell Cricket Club

Berkswell Cricket Club Have Just Won the Premier Division Title

For many years we have proudly sponsored and supported Berkswell Cricket Club.

We are delighted to share that the Senior 1st XI team has just won the Premier Division Title, with a total score of 375 points.

Needless to say, all of the Berkswell players and supporters were overjoyed with the result, particularly as it was their fourth winner trophy collected this year.

Berkswell cricket team celebrating their win


Acorn Printing Sign

During the match, our Acorn Printing sign paid the ultimate price!
Luckily, we are in the trade to fix this printed sign up quickly!

Want to Get Your Own Printed Shirts?

Cricket player wearing acorn printed shirt

We specialise in printing signs, sports team shirts and merchandise. If you would like more information about our printing services, you can call us now on 0800 0190 552 or email us at

Design Your Own Hoodie for Your New Sports Team or Society

Why You Should Customise Your Team’s Hoodie

With the Autumn weather really kicking in, it’s time to get cosied up in a brand new, fluffy printed hoodie. Whether you are part of a sports team or a society, organising your team’s apparel is an important task. Branding your team brings a real sense of inclusivity and membership to the group.

Printed hoodies are a great way of showing the opposition that your close-knit sports team mean business on the pitch. If you’re really passionate about your club and want your peers to know it, there is no better way to represent it than with personalised hoodies. Club merchandise often attracts new group members, so by wearing your custom hoodie you will attract new talent to sign up to your team.

Woman modelling pink hoodie and man sitting with university hoodie on

Designing Your Hoodie

Now, here’s the fun part. If you are in charge of organising the goods– you get to design your own hoodie, and one for each of your teammates too!

Choose from a huge array of hoodie styles, materials, colours and prints. In addition, customise where your printing or embroidery is located on the garment, and select your desired font/logo.

As each order is completely bespoke to you, we will give you a quote for your requirements. All you need to do is tell us what you’d like, and we do all the hard work for you.

Women at university playing a game of rugby

Our Most Popular Hoodie Styles and Designs

In 33 years of trading, we have helped sports teams and societies create some legendary designs for their merchandise (see our gallery). Yet, year after year, there is always popular demand for our custom zipped hoodies and embroidered pullover hoodies.

With over thirty years of experience, we have become experts in hoodie personalisation. We are on hand to help you choose your colours, printing placement, materials and much more.

To start customising your hoodies now, just click here!