The Polo Shirt - A Brief History

There are very few items of clothing that have survived the test of time as much as the polo has. The classic short-sleeved casual 'wardrobe essential' has a long and interesting history.
Originating back to the 19th century from when the British military were stationed in India this undisputed fashion garment has survived and flourished through the youth cultures of the 60's to current day, and is often worn by famous sportsmen, celebrities and even US presidents!
The designer polo shirt available in a huge array of colourways is now a common and versatile clothing essential for both men, women and children. Famous brands such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss have adopted and successfully marketed their own versions with their distinctive embroidered logos.
What Makes the Polo Shirt So Popular?
Apart from being an undisputed fashion essential, the polo shirt is comfortable to wear when playing sports, especially tennis, golf and most indoor activities such as table tennis, squash and badminton. 
It is also an extremely adaptable item which can easily be worn with shorts, chinos, jeans and even with a casual suit. It is not only a weekend clothing garment; many work environments will accept employees wearing a smart polo.
Almost always made with 100% cotton, the polo shirt is lightweight, breathable and extremely flexible, it can be personalised to have a logo or customised print for work, school or sports club use.
About Us
Acorn Printing have a fantastic collection of polo shirts that can be custom printed, designed or embroidered to create a unique addition to your clothing collection.
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