Varsity Clothing Personalisation

personalised varsity clothing

Kit out your club or society with this colourful and stylish range of varsity clothing.

We have a great selection of Varsity style clothing, from jackets to zoodies we can personalise with printing and embroidery. We have a full range of mens, ladies and children’s varsity clothing.

Our favourite varsity garment is the Varsity Jacket, a great jacket that we can embroider or print on to. The Varsity hoodie by AWD is very popular with our customers, it is a quality hoodie at a great price.

You can go the whole hog and get the varsity scarf and baseball cap! We can embroider on both these items, just provide us with your designs and we’ll do the rest. Don’t have a design or not good with photoshop? Don’t worry out in-house design department can help!

Looking for something a bit different? Check out the new electric varsity jacket by AWD – you will stand out with this colourful garment!

Just pick and choose your varsity clothing and build your own free quote using our website.

Contact us on 0800 0190 552 if you’d prefer to talk to a member to our sales team or email and we’ll get back to you. Or if you like just drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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T Shirt and Vest Printing for Fitness Classes

We recently printed a range of t shirts and vests for Balsall Common fitness company Embrace. It was great to receive this feedback from Emily.

Acorn Printing begin in Balsall Common in 1985, so it was great to work with a local business.

We have a great range of sports t shirts and vests that you can choose from, including standard t shirts to specialist wicking t shirts where the fabric will wick the sweat away from your body.

If you’re looking for custom t shirts and vests for your fitness classes please get in touch with on 0800 0190 552 or email

Acorn Printing – T Shirts and Vests Printing for fitness classes

Personalise Your Touring Gear

Is your sports team touring this Easter? If so, then it’s the perfect opportunity for your team to stand out from the crowd.

We understand how important sporting events can be regardless of whether the game is a friendly one or a league final it’s important to always look like a team.

Acorn helps to personalise your team’s whole sportswear and equipment and have done so for many sports teams.

Whether it’s for your cricket team, football team or even your tennis team we can provide your personalised gear for almost every sport.

We provide a wide range of clothing options for you to choose from giving you almost complete free reign over how you would like your sportswear designed.

You can choose from many big sportswear brands like Spiro, Gamegear and even Fruit of the Loom. Not only do you have the ability to choose your gear based on the quality, but we also offer affordable prices and discounts if you choose to do larger orders.

You can choose to personalise your gear in many ways depending on what you decide you would like. If at any point you need help even with the design aspect, then feel free to call our freephone number 0800 0190 552.


Acorn Printing – Sport and Team wear specialists for over 30 years

Personalise Your Riding Gear

Personalise Your Riding Gear


It seems like horses have always been a part of humans lives throughout history. They were the primary form of transportation before cars and according to scientific discovery we’ve been riding horses for over 5000 years.

Horse riding today has become so diversified with riding taking part in competitions such as racing, show jumping and even dressage. With competitions becoming more popular it really makes a difference if your gear is personalised to represent you and your stables well.

We have plenty of options when it comes to clothing. We can provide polo shirts, hoodies and t-shirts to name a few. The best part about it is you can choose from many options on how you would like your item personalised. We can offer a wide range of printing options and embroidery to add names, logos, graphics and pictures onto your garment.

If you would like any help or inspiration at any point contact one of our friendly team members on our freephone number 0800 0190 553 or email us at

You can also find us on Facebook, feel free to send us a message on there too and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Customise Your Hockey Gear

Personalise your hockey gear


Did you know that Hockey is the 2nd most played sport in the world (only after football/soccer)? It’s played in over 100 countries and by over 300 million people.

With so many people playing hockey it’s important for your team to really look the part and stand out from the crowd.

At Acorn Printing we can provide you and your teammates a variety of personalised hockey shirts and hockey gear. We provide clothing from well-known sporting brands such as Spiro, Grays and Finden + Hales. Having the option of these high-performance clothing means that not only will your clothing look good, but it will also be the best quality which is important when it comes to sports-wear.

Once you have chosen your desired Hockey gear you would like personalised you then have the option to use printing or embroidery to finish your look.

If you are struggling with the designing aspect, then feel free to call our freephone 0800 0190 552 and we will help you through the design process.

Have a look at our website to discover what gear we can provide you and your hockey team. If you need help at any point feel free to contact us on our freephone number 0800 0190 552 or email us at


Acorn Printing – Going on a sports Easter tour? Check out our sports clothing department

Personalise Your Rugby Kit

Personalise your Rugby gear

The game of rugby is said to have been invented at Rugby School in 1823 when William Webb Ellis caught the ball and ran with it in a football game.

To this day it’s one of the most popular sports in the U.K. with over 170,000 people playing the sport every week. With this many people playing it’s important for you and your teammates to really look the part.

At Acorn we can supply a large quantity of personalised rugby gear so that your whole team which also means it’s a very quick and easy option for you. We can create personalised tops and gear for you from brands like Spiro and Gamegear which are well known for their high performance and quality.

Your personalisation options are almost limitless as we have many options including whether you would like your logo, name or picture printed or embroidered onto the gear.

If at any point you find yourself struggling with the design aspect, then feel free to contact us and one of our friendly team members will help you with this process.

If you would like to contact us at any point you can call our Freephone number 0800 0190 522 or email our team at

You can also find us on Facebook where you can message us on there too and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Acorn Printing – Over 30 years of experience of kitting out Rugby teams

Printed Moisture Control T-Shirts

Printed Moisture Control T-Shirts

Whether you call it perspiration or sweat these moisture control t-shirts will stop it ruining your run

Acorn has a great range of sports tops, featuring built-in moisture control, that you can personalise for your club, charity, business or society.

Wicking is defined as moisture movement by capillary action. In the case of clothing it is referring to the special fabrics that feature in moisture control clothing. These fabrics move sweat away from your skin and on to the surface of the garment where it simply evaporates.

We can print or embroider your logo, strap line or graphics on these tops and even provide you with individually named-garments.

If you would like a free quote for some personalised wicking t shirts and vests please get in contact with us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or




Hi-vis vests

Hi-vis vests


Hi-vis vests are a key part of a employee’s workwear, being seen on site is vital for the safety of your staff. At Acorn, we can personalise vests with your company’s logo, employee’s name or job title. We can print logos on the front or back of the hi-vis vests at our factory in Coventry.

Keep your staff seen with hi-vis vests

Our favourite hi-vis vest is the Executive vest by Portwest S476 as it is Certified to EN ISO 20471 Class 2. But we have a wide range of vests, from cheaper items such as the Hi-vis two band and brace vest (C470) to the Safeguard hi-vis vest. We even stock hi-vis vests for children where you can print your school, nursery or club on to the back or front.

If you’re not sure what kind of vests you need, just get in contact. Our experience staff here in Coventry will be able to guide you through. There are many regulations you need to be aware of such as the 89/686/EEC directive, EN471 specification, Class 1 approved, Class 2 EN471 approved. We want to make sure you get the right clothing for the job.

We stock a wide range of hi-vis clothing so we can be a one stop shop for all your hi-vis needs.

Contact us on our freephone number 0800 0190 552 or email us at You can also find us on our Facebook page and send us a message there too.

Acorn Printing – specialising in Hi-vis clothing in Coventry.

Love your customers with Acorn!

Love your customers with Acorn

This month is all about feeling the love. Whether you’re giving or receiving it’s always appreciated.

At Acorn we want to give your business the opportunity to show your clients how much you love them by creating your very own personalised promotional items.

We supply a huge variety of items which can be personalised from clothing to hats and we can even personalise teddy bears for you. The possibilities are almost endless.

It’s also extremely easy to create your personalised item. Simply create your design, it could be your logo a name or something completely different. If at any point you are having any problems with coming up with a design our team at Acorn will happily help you out with the designing process.

Depending on the item that you want we can customise your design and either print or embroider the design on to the item.

We have over 30 years’ experience in printing and embroidery, so you can be sure that we will create the best results for you and your company.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact us on our freephone number 0800 0190 552 or email us at

You can also find us on our Facebook page and send us a message there too.

Acorn Printing – Promotional experts. Impress your clients with personalised promotional items

Personalised Leather Apron

Leather ApronWe now have in stock a quality Leather Apron that can be personalised with embroidery.

The 100% leather apron is designed for use in hospitality, particularly restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and industrial kitchens. There’s even a great accompanying range of clothing for the leather apron.

But it is no surprise makes an ideal gift for Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas, especially for the person who has it all! It is the ultimate BBQ apron.

The apron has 2 deep pockets on the front which are easily accessible. Along with brass buckles, rivets, eyelets and snap fasteners.

The personalised leather apron can only be embroidered, we cannot print on to this material.

If you’d like a free quote just contact us you can call our Freephone number 0800 0190 522 or email our team at

We like using our Facebook page, feel free to send us a message on there too.


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