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Massive choice of polo shirts – personalised to your design

tour polo shirtsYou might already know that Acorn is one of the leading suppliers of printed and embroidered hoodies and teachers to Universities and Colleges around the UK.

It might just have escaped your attention that we also offer the same service for polo shirts.

Acorn stocks nearly 30 styles of polo shirts in a wide range of colours and sizes from leading brands such as: Uneek, Fruit of the Loom, Kustom Kit, Jerzees and B&C. Male and female polo styles available.

Polo shirts for University of WarwickWe have clever printing and embroidery equipment that allows to turn around orders quickly whether you want just a few or loads of shirts.

Free artwork, free set-up and student discounts are on offer. So if your student society is sorting out its wardrobe or if you are planning a special event like a concert or a sports tour then we can help.

Check out the website to build your online quote today. If you prefer to contact us direct for help and advice call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email



Acorn Printing – Women’s B&C 100% cotton polo shirt now available

Anyone for tennis?

As the tennis season gets underway you’ll realise that it’s still too cold of a morning just for a t-shirt. What to do?

Personalised tennis balls, hoodies and shirtsAround April we get the first news of gallant British players being knocked out of competitions around the world (have you not heard of Andy Murray? – ed).

That of course encourages members of tennis clubs to don their court shoes, pick up their rackets and head out to start playing. The trouble is that at this time of year it can still be close to freezing in the morning and the temperature dips alarmingly quickly in the late afternoon, doesn’t it.

The solution? It is a simple one, really. Acorn supplies tennis clubs across the land with personalised hoodies featuring the name of your club and the names of individual players if you so desire.  We can event print pictures or embroider the club crest on your chosen garment.

tennis racket - need a tennis hoodieThe advantages of this approach? Well nobody will have the excuse to miss training or a match by claiming they couldn’t face getting out of bed or that there was a danger of frostbite.

You’ll also look good when taking on the competition in tournaments or when you go on a tennis tour.

We have loads of hoodies and sweatshirts to choose from in a variety of styles colours and sizes for women and men.

Check out the website or get in contact with us if you have any questions at all. Our helpful team are available on freephone 0800 0190 552 or at


Acorn Printing – Personalised clothing for Badminton clubs around the UK

Image courtesy of “Tennis Ball On Court” by ponsulak

Kids’ Onesies Now Available

Perfect for parties, sleepovers, dance groups or chillaxing. Do kids ever chillax?

kids onesies personalisedYou know that we are masters of the personalised onesie for every occasion: hen nights to charity runs.

You know that we can provide onesies in colours from hot pink to darkest black.

Now Acorn Printing is proud to announce we can now provide personalised KIDS’ ONESIEs.

Due to overwhelming demand from party princesses, disco divas or your little ravers we have sourced a range of onesies specifically for them.

They match the style, quality and colours of the adult range but are sized to suit ages:

  • 3 to 4
  • 5 to 6
  • 7 to 8
  • 9 to 11
  • 12 to 13

Our kids’ onesies are baggy fit with a kangaroo pouch pocket on the front and a side zipped pocket with small hidden opening for ear phone cord feed. They have no drawcords, which is a safety feature complying with EU regulation.

The icing on the cake is, of course, that we can personalise and customise your hoodies to suit every occasion. You can have names, greetings, rude messages or pictures printed and embroidered on your choice of garments.

Use the website to build your own online quote or get contact Acorn if you have any questions at all. Our helpful team are available on free phone 0800 0190 552 or at


Acorn Printing – Boxercraft lounge pants for slooow days

Over the Alps in a fury?

A Fury racing car is better than an elephant for this trip.
Car club stickerThe Fury is a very successful sports car that makes up half the grid in the 750 Motor Club’s RGB series, where Acorn sponsors a car.  We got talking to some of the owners during last year and were asked if we could help out a group of Fury owners planning their 6th annual Alpine tour.

Now, part of the order was easy; Some t-shirts and polo shirts providing some details of the tour. What was a little more of a challenge but also great fun was the sticker that you can see on the bonnet of the cars.

Car Club personalised t-shirts and stickers

You’ll notice that it is in the form of a rally plaque, invoking the great days of the Monte Carlo rally and the likes of Paddy Hopkirk.

What a delight to help sort out an appropriate design and ensure that we could use our printing and cutting equipment to get that very recognisable shape!

We expect a lot of you sports car and classic car clubs and car owners are planning your spring and summer driving tours at the moment.  If you want some personalised garments (and you can choose t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and jackets to name just a few items) then all you have to do is get in touch and we can provide some expert help.

Check out the website to build an online quote. Or contact us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – Get a personalised Adventure Wear Flying Jacket. Perfect for top-down driving?

Children’s Aprons

Think how messy those art, home economics and science lessons can get!

Children's aprons ready to personaliseAcorn is adding a range of kid’s aprons to its portfolio. Perfect for nurseries, infant school and junior school pupils.

The aprons are made from hard-wearing Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 fabric and are available in your choice of 12 colours, including black, white, navy blue, red and purple.

There are two sizes: infants, suitable for 3 – 6 year olds and junior, suitable for 7 – 10 year olds.

Naturally Acorn can personalise the aprons both to reflect the name, motto and crest of a child-care or educational establishment, or to show off the child’s own name.

These items are so new they aren’t even available on our website yet. So if you want to keep the kids’ clothes clean now then give us a call on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – Expert T-Shirt printing: bulk or small orders

Personalised hand dyed t-shirts

Are we returning to the Summer of Love?  
Hand dyed t-shirtThey say that if you can remember the 1960s then you weren’t there.

Nobody at Acorn admits to remembering the original Summer of Love but whether that’s simply the result of poor memory or over-enjoyment of various substances we aren’t sure.

Anyway we are pleased to report that we now have hand dyed t-shirts available in adult and children’s sizes.

Hand died tee shirts

As always they are ready to be personalised with your graphics and messages using our printing and embroidery technologies.

They look like the perfect accessories for a holiday setting or maybe or summer party don’t they?

And just think, wear one of these and you will be allowed to use words like “groovy”, “funky” and “fab” again.

If you need help deciding on the best ways to personalise your hand dyed t-shirt then simply contact us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email


Acorn Printing – Get ready for summer with Fruit of the Loom vests

Personalised student society clothing

Over 30 years of experience working with UK universities and colleges

Promotional hat for student ambassadors at Durham UniversityHaving helped hundreds and hundreds of student executive members get promotional items sorted, we understand that it can be a daunting task.

Everybody wants their t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts or sports gear personalised with the right choice of people’s names, crests, logos and messages. And of course they want it done really well, right now and at the best price possible, don’t they.

Acorn are the people to turn to.

rowing-vests-balliol-oxfordWe offer free artwork, free set-up and fantastic student discounts. Our operations team has a work area that’s full of advanced, high speed printing and embroidery equipment. That means we can handle small or large orders with a quick turnaround and superb quality.

All you have to today is choose from our fantastic selection of clothing and tell us what you want you want to display.

Use the website to build your online quote.  If you want help choosing garments or deciding the best print or stitch options then simply call us today on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email



Acorn Printing – Women’s lounge and leisure wear in stock now.

Cross Country Shirts – Runners and Riders

Two footed or four legged cross country?

personalised cross country running shirtsWe know you are looking for personalised cross country shirts for team events and tours.

What we aren’t sure about is whether we are talking cross country running or equestrian cross country.

Of course, in a way it doesn’t matter.

As you have probably seen we can provide some specialist wicking t-shirts, sports tops and vests that are ideal for you runners and running clubs.  We can add personal or team names and crests using a variety of print and embroidery methods.

personalised cross country riding shirtsFor riders the same moisture control sports gear could be a relevant option. Alternatively we have all sorts of t-shirts and polo shirts that would be suitable for cross country riding events or perhaps to promote your riding school.

Feel free to check out our website and build your free online quote.  Remember we also have a support desk with real people to help you choose garments, get your designs made or find alternatives.

Call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email today.


Acorn Printing – personalised gear for hockey clubs too



Image courtesy of njaj

Bulk T-Shirts Printed Here

The question is in bulk or for bulk?

Bulk t-shirt order for the Love Walk

Sometimes people ask us tentatively,

“Could you print 500 t-shirts for the trade exhibition next month?” or

“We need several hundred tees with logos printed on the chest and our name and telephone number on the back. Can you do that?”


Acorn has some rather spiffy printing and embroidery technology, in-house. That means we can cater for your bulk orders what ever the size and however you need things personalised.

t-shirts from small to 3XL

Acorn works with the largest organisations in the UK to provide t-shirts, along with hoodies, polo shirts and much more, in a range of sizes, styles and colours.

And if you were thinking bulk in terms of how big our individual t-shirts can go then rest assured. Many of our ranges go from small to 3XL.

So you can have bulk in bulk.

Check out the website for more product details and build your quote on-line.  If you have any questions about selecting, personalising or ordering your t-shirts then contact us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or email today.


Acorn Printing – Ladies SG soft fit t-shirt available in over 20 colours


NEW. Promotional mobile phone covers. And more.

From mobile phone covers to dog collars, yes dog collars.


It’s good to be different isn’t it. So next time you are looking for a business gift or you want some give-away’s that get attention, check us out.

Acorn can now offer an even greater variety of interesting promotional items each of which offer a superb branding opportunity.

Whether you select a tool mat or a lanyard Acorn can work our magic to print or embroider your logo, company contact details or an eye-catching message.

promotional items, give-aways and garments

It’s great to be able to choose items that match the needs or interests of anyone in your entire client base, isn’t it.

Take a look at our promotional portfolio on the website.

Better still call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email today to tap into our experience of attractive products and effective design.


Acorn Printing – Printed custom cotton tote bags.

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